account hacked

  1. R

    Facebook Business Manager Hacked

    Hey everyone, I was running my Facebook Ads smoothly, and on January 23rd, I realized that there was a duplicate campaign (campaign with the same name as my campaign) running with a very high budget. I checked, and a Russian ad was running from my account. I turned it off and checked if another...
  2. SeedPhrase

    My Gmail account has been hacked [Help]

    Hi guys... my PUBG freak Bro was planning to sell his PUBG account attached with my Gmail(PUBG acc has good amount skins outfit)..... someone told him I will buy that account but first, I need your account then I will make payment... My Bro is Kid so without knowing anything he just passed that...
  3. newon

    PMs sent from my account

    Hi Admin, I got astonished when I found some PMs are sent from my account which I didn't trigger. Those are mainly related to selling services, which I am no way connected to. Seems my account got compromised. Requesting you to look into it, please. Anyway, I have changed my password today.