account banned

  1. catkid

    My fiverr account got banned, do I need a new device?

    Hi, my fiverr account was suspended for contacting outside the page (I only answered ok to a bot and I was automatically banned). I need to create a new account because I was only earning money there. I called my internet provider and they changed my ip. Do I need to format my ipad to start...
  2. F

    Any Instagram Account Recovery Specialists?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to network with anyone who has experience in Instagram account recoveries, as this is a particular service that really intrigues me. I've scoured all up-and-down the BHW forums, and reddit (not much success). BHW as really been the most beneficial with finding this...
  3. SeedPhrase

    Clickbank sacked me....

    how can I recover the Clickbank account? they kicked me out.:rolleyes: I had some Dough:(:( need suggestion mates...
  4. leftyson4

    Can You Spot My Error?? - Banned on Facebook for "Policy Violation #28"

    Can someone help me identify where I went wrong? I sort of already knew a lot about how to get around Fb bans, my last acct. was active for over 20 months. But this new one (I was using my Moms acct) I ran some page like ads first to warm up, then launched a safe ad to my "safe site" at...
  5. S

    IG accounts getting banned with very low settings

    I bought 1 year old non pva IG accounts and were warming them up on Jarvee with very low settings(5-10 likes per day) and dedicated ipv4 proxies. On some of them I posted from Jarvee and on the others I didn't post anything. I am using European proxies, and the accounts were created on Eastern...
  6. Savvy Rose

    Xvideos trick to save your account

    Nowadays people are creating a new account and after 2-3 days they see this: - So people are getting pissed and trying new ways like to invest money in proxies and VPN but this is not the way to do it. If you really want to guard/save your account try to burn it for some time and then start...
  7. B

    [Important] How to have multiple Upwork accounts

    Hello, For my business, I am now required to have several upwork accounts. To be safe, I will have one blank IP per account, one email address too, but the problem is the payment method. Paypal allows only 1 bank account per account. The only way is to have several bank accounts and credit...
  8. SMMguru

    My Facebook personal account banned

    my own facebook acount is disable . they email me and they need money 20k usd to unbanned me already i create 4 times new account all account is disable , and they need ID prove . already i sent 3 times but dont open my any one account . i need help please help me about that
  9. A

    Facebook cloacking, noob question )

    Hi All. Help me pls) Now I use Fraudfilter through PHP PASTE setting Accounts I grow up myself, about two weeks, with payments there are no problems, but as soon as I turn on the fraudfilter the facebook immediately asks for a photo. On the last account, I managed to drain $ 15, then use...
  10. jyoung2gu

    PPV Linkshare Campaigns

    So I'm running PPV ads for some linkshare merchants and my account was banned because they can't verify my traffic. I told them I was running display campaigns but now they're asking why they can't see impressions in the reports. Any way I can get around this? There's a few grand owed in the...
  11. E

    The Instaban Wave

    So I read the forums daily and it seems as if there is at least two people everyday who talk about being banned from instagram suddenly for no apparent reason. I also noticed that people ask the same questions to try and find the culprit and reason for these bans. So I decided to make a...
  12. K

    Crakrevenue - fu**ing it's publishers

    This afternoon I received this email from crakrevenue. and they banned my account. IT IS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE !!! I have almost 10 facebook accounts with 5 k friends, over 10 facebook pages, groups with over 100k members is total....and a bunch of youtube proffesional-made videos, with over 10k...
  13. M

    Facebook Banned my Account!!

    Hello Guys I don't know if this is right section or not if I am wrong then correct me and mods plz move this thread. Yesterday Facebook Banned my account without giving me any reasoning and gave a link to contact them. Is there anything I can to get my account reinstated? or should I make a...
  14. J

    What about my payment?

    My youtube account is banned due to third party copyrights and my youtube earning was $92 of the previous month and now it was $23 but the account is banned. Will I get my payment or not?
  15. C

    Which is better-Profile with 5Kfriends or 10profiles with 500friends?

    I started this face book campaign and I managed to get few of my accounts having friends above 500,but most of my accounts with more than 500friends are getting disabled. Now I have just 3FB profile left with close to 500friends each. I am just wondering is it a good idea to create 10accounts...
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