about me

  1. UnskilledMong

    Hello, lets do this thing.

    Hello, I am a frog on the Internet who come to all you wonderful people to learn, learn and guess what? LEARN. Right now I am trying to get out of poverty with the skills I learned free on the Internet however because of my lack of corperate and university background in programming being self...
  2. S


    Hey I am looking for about me description in spintax format for SEO Profile links. I have used the search feature but I haven't gotten any help. Something like {I am | My name is | This is } Jane I know Some tools have it. I have GSA SER, but theirs is a little bit complicated because it uses...
  3. promiscuss

    **Thread Title**

    Do you know what I've always liked about these 'About You' or 'introduction' sections of a forum? It really makes you think about who you are. Not just in your own eyes and impression. But also how others really see you. And how you want others to see you. So I think, it's really mostly about...
  4. Xaric

    Hi BHW!

    Hey, my name is Xaric and I'm the owner of dearboss-iquit (dot) com, a blog that mainly focuses on helping people escape the 9-5 by building an income online. I'm here to interact with other affiliate marketers, learn about more advanced practices to scaling my online business as well as help...
  5. akj_moon

    Hey everyone! Glad to be here.

    It’s cool to be able to talk to you guys finally instead of just checking Threads. i have a strong love for Digital Marketing and this is the best place to upgrade my skills. So here I am.
  6. A

    Hi from L.A.

    Hey all, I've been a member of BHW for a couple of weeks, but haven't gotten around to introducing myself until now. I'm a well-rounded digital marketer focused on SEO copywriting and strategy, but I have experience in all channels. I recently completed a 5-month digital marketing accelerator...
  7. Anirath

    Hello from Alaska

    Hello everyone here at BHW!!! I'm newly registered, and interested to dive into what these forums have to offer. A little about myself: I'm a Software Engineer & Web Developer located in rural Southeast Alaska. I've been doing remote contract work for 10+ years as well as developing my own...
  8. R

    Hello awesome people of BHW

  9. Vasu Grover

    Have you seen an Indian guy here for a long time?

    Hi, I am V. Grover, my internet name is Cam. I am from Delhi, India and currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree. Let me just flex what things I know and what things I want to learn from this community that I am a part of now... I know to programme and can code in 5 different languages (easy...
  10. zoecheng

    Hi there, I'm a totally newbie.

    Good day, my name is Zoe I am about to make a career change from my old job as a nurse and I desire for making money online. (I really wanna fire my boss!!) Since I have no clue on how everything works and not a english native speaker, so I think it probably will take a while to see some...
  11. I

    Hello mentors...!

    Hello Everyone, this is Arya Putra from Bangladesh. Hope you will help me guys...!
  12. W

    Introduction of me, Watari

    Hello there ladies and gentleman, I stumbled upon this Forum and thought it would be a good way to achieve my first 1 Million € goal! Obviously because here you can talk a lot about money and get inspired by others or prevent mistakes by seeing what others did wrong. I will get into the food...
  13. market88

    Too Many Products, Too Little Results

    Hi All, To date, I have a handful of projects going on (won't leave links since I think that is against the rules for now): Consistent social media profiles on YT, FB, IG, and Twitter, with tons of content, but hardly any "true success" Dropship site - Just started it, no organic visitors...
  14. motzinsky

    About time

    Hello, BHW! Long time lurker here who has just grown some balls to join this community. A little bit of info about me I'm from Europe and I'm 29 y.o. I have two full time jobs (one as a web developer which is paid as shit and one as a photo editor which I do remote and it only takes me 2 hours...
  15. Betabyte

    Newbie - hi @ all

    I check bhw since two years, now its time to join the crowd (don't ask why it took me so long!) - what i learned and saw here beside of tips, seo, smm and reselling stuff is especially how familiar you guys are! That's the main key to success, a helpful community like this. by the way, short...
  16. Jorfi

    Hello Folks of BHW

    Hello, It's been a while I've not checked this community for help or just for fun, and after a bunch of years, finally, I've decided to join you guys and I hope to be helpful, and obviously, get helped on my journey with you. Thanks to all those who are sharing their knowledge to us.
  17. alexxforrd

    About Me & My Goals For 2018

    I joined BHW in Feb 2017 and I just realized I haven't properly introduced my self. I am from India when I found this forum I thought I can make 1000$ in a month easily with no or little word and was asking people how to make money quickly and also I tried out some methods to earn money online...
  18. AutomationIsKey

    AutomationIsKey introduction.

    Hello, I've been on this forum for awhile now and have learned a lot but realized after reading through numerous threads in the introduction section today that nobody knows much about me on here. Starting off my name is Ant, I'm passionate about automation in every form. (Who doesn't like the...
  19. KORO22

    Hello BWH!! here is KORO22

    Hi there! Let me introduce myself. And sorry for my English. My name is Alex. I came to online in 2016. My age is 26 I studied on the teacher of economy and management. in my country salary of teacher 120-180 dollars in a month. So that did not accrete. I came in on-line a year ago and I will...
  20. L

    Let me Introduce

    Hello There I would like to introduce myself as enthusiast in Internet Marketing. Please stay in touch.
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