1. boldrack

    Locked out of Ogads.

    I'm actually using 2 factor authentication with my ogads account so whenever i need to login, a code will be sent to my mobile phone which i will now input back into the site. But, recently i got my phone unwiped unplanned. Upon trying to login now .. i couldn't login because i couldn't get the...
  2. Meyerlansky81

    how to use 2fa authentication with several facebook accounts?

    i have a personal account that is setup to "Google Authenticator" - i have about 3-4 more accounts which i use with dedicated proxies on different browser profiles, some of them are asking me to either validate via SS and ID or a 3rd party 2fa authenticator tool (ex: Google Authenticator)...
  3. ShiningWarrior

    Any software to read sim messages on PC?

    Hi, every time I log into an account I have to type the two-factor codes. I have 2FA on everything haha. And most of the time, my charger is like across the room. The plug on the wall is on the other side of the room and my work table is on the other side. So, it kinda gets annoying to get up...