1. A

    Open new Google account without phone number

    Hi Everyone, I’m tried to open a new Google account and Google wants phone number for validation, how I can bypass that ? I’m using nodemaven and Dolphin Anty.
  2. H


    was logged out of my Instagram account and I have 2fa set up. It says it texts me (the phone number is correct and my phone works) but it never ever sends me a code. I’ve tried restarting my phone, the app, uninstalling, using a backup code from a linked account. Nothing works! I can still...
  3. UnusualSubstance

    Are there any light weight plugins to add 2FA to your wordpress sites?

    I'm looking for a light weight 2fa plugin, not looking for a resource hog of a plugin lol cheers Thanks in advance.
  4. DuckingOutstanding

    Please make that overzealous MANDATORY 2FA Stop!!!

    It's been VERY annoying trying to log in to my account since i joined as a Jr VIP - EVERY DAY it makes me jump through these annoying hoops, using 2 devices plus correctly solving a captcha 2-3x per login - EVEN THOUGH I"m checking the box "Remember this device for 30 days" (which might as well...
  5. A

    About Gmail forcing 2FA authentication

    Hi guys. I received the mail from google the day before yesterday. The content was that I must login to google through 2FA authentication since november 9th. My main account will have no effect..but bulk accounts will not do it. Is there any solution or alternative for protecting bulk account...
  6. Sbb

    What do you think about 2FA in order to use Youtube Studio from November 1st?

    "YouTube content creators in the near future are required to immediately double the security of their accounts, by activating two-factor authentication (2FA).......will be mandatory on November 1, 2021, for those who use YouTube Studio and are signed into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)."
  7. boldrack

    Locked out of Ogads.

    I'm actually using 2 factor authentication with my ogads account so whenever i need to login, a code will be sent to my mobile phone which i will now input back into the site. But, recently i got my phone unwiped unplanned. Upon trying to login now .. i couldn't login because i couldn't get the...
  8. Meyerlansky81

    how to use 2fa authentication with several facebook accounts?

    i have a personal account that is setup to "Google Authenticator" - i have about 3-4 more accounts which i use with dedicated proxies on different browser profiles, some of them are asking me to either validate via SS and ID or a 3rd party 2fa authenticator tool (ex: Google Authenticator)...
  9. ShiningWarrior

    Any software to read sim messages on PC?

    Hi, every time I log into an account I have to type the two-factor codes. I have 2FA on everything haha. And most of the time, my charger is like across the room. The plug on the wall is on the other side of the room and my work table is on the other side. So, it kinda gets annoying to get up...
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