YouTube's Ad Boycott opened my eyes

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by avilux, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Hey BHW, I didn't know where else to put this, and since the majority of my focus is in social media, here we are. I've been using the forum quite a lot over the years and it's helped me greatly, so I thought I'd try a post here. Currently I'm putting a break on my ventures (not pausing work, but just will be doing a lot less and will think of it as a hobby) as the YouTube ad boycott has opened my eyes. I run a channel currently approaching 12,000 very loyal and active subscribers, however the money has been slashed so bad that I went from expecting $1K per month during the summer to now $100-200. I do have a Patreon setup and I make some cash from affiliate marketing, however it's silly how I moved from Chicago all the way to Poland to dedicate myself to IM and I'm still stressing about a simple couple hundred dollars per month.

    I've been working with big youtube channels and instagram pages for many years now, and if anyone would need some help with their marketing or has anything that could use some touching up, I'm just looking for some work. Even if you don't have a lot, I'm only in need of something that's worth a couple hundred dollars per month. If you're reading this and you own a YouTube channel or have any social media pages that aren't giant (hundreds of thousands of subscribers), unless you're living in a 3rd world country you'll need to hustle now as the ad rates WON'T get better. Back when I was in high school I had months where I was making a few grand from easy work. Gone are those days, and we now need to adjust to the new landscape and with all the challenges that will come with it.

    Anyways, I wish you guys luck and I hope that your media efforts go well (on whichever platform you're on). If I can't find any work or even gigs online, I'll just go take a shit job up before college :) One day, fuck it. One day will come soon. Don't ever give up. My channel will keep growing but I don't trust Adsense. I won't ever fully rely on it. And you shouldn't too.
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    Hope you find what your looking for. Hopefully this whole thing will blow over our heads by the end of lets say August when kids are home watching mass amounts of videos and advertisers want to capitalize as much as we do :)
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    Hey you , When do youtube back to the golden age???
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    Hope you well mate and thanks for the share :)