YouTube took down my HR views video,will pay 10$ for help!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Cryogenesis, Mar 7, 2014.

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    Hey everybody,after the recent burst of PPI methods on the forums I decided to jump on the train for awhile .To try it out,I bought myself 6k HR views for 3$ on my trial YouTube video and then put up a download link of a file from RevenYou. I also got around 50 likes on my Video through Social Exchange.All was going good,the video was getting views on it and people started downloading my file and I'd made 42$ till now through and was expecting to be paid out by Revenyou by the month end. But YouTube caught and my video was taken down today.I was gonna use the cash that I would be paid out to do the PPI method on a larger scale but now am stuck with no money and a broken YouTube link. To anyone reading this post and who can provide HR views,can I have around 6-7k HR views from you guys?,If my video goes up again I'll easily make 50$ + by the month and will have enough and will be paid out by RevenYou and will have enough to pay you back for it.I'll pay back 10$ to whoever provides me with the views and am not bullshitting anyone,here's my stats on RevenYou for that single video which amounted to almost 8k views after the boost of 6k HR.


    Again,I had paid 3$ for those 6k HR views. This time I'll pay the supplier with 10$ as soon as I'm paid out by RevenYou for those 6-7k HR views on my YT video.People interested,please inbox! :)