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    Hi i am new to this site so if i violate any rules i am sorry. Anyway so about the youtube notifications and that new bell icon. In my opinion the bell icon is just just a really really dumb idea. Think about it if you subscribe to someone you want to watch they're content right? SOOOOOOOOO, why the need for the button? Good question answer there is none.... Its just a way to piss off channels ok so i have done experiments and the button really doesn't do anything in fact most of the time it just makes you not get any notifications when you have it activated. Now like i mentioned earlier this button is broken and or just doesn't work. I feel its just a really stupid addition to the website and should be taken down. What do all of you think? Also i have realized since they added this broken button my youtube channel no longer gets as many people viewing it as it use to. My channel has 6200 subscribers. 6200!!!!!!!!!! And a lot of them say youtube unsubscribes them or they don't get the notifications when i post or worst of all in my opinion they get them but not foor like 3 weeks after i posted the video. How is that helpful youtube? You want everything to be viewed on your time??? Stop changing stuff and adding useless junk like the bell notification. YOU ARE RUINING YOUTUBE FOR CHANNELS EVERYWHERE. Not only that it takes a toll on the subscribers as well. Since they don't recieve updated on the channel they think you quit or just haven''t posted and they unsubscribe. Sorry if i rambled on but thats everything if anyone even reads this let me know your opinions on the matter of the button. Also if anyone is interested in my channel let me know as well i don't know if i am allowd to post a link in this.