Yet another journey to $50/day

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    Blah, blah, blah, nothing new here.
    I've started my journey to reach $50/day 2 weeks ago and decided to share experiences with you. Also, I look forward on your support.
    I always give up after first failure but not this time. I've been successfull in IM earlier doing many different methods (since I was 13). Now it's time to try youtube&cpa.
    Well, I'm motivated 'cause I'm going to finish high school next summer. To be honest I don't wanna get regular job as far :p

    Okay, let's start.
    My current niche are celebrities.

    Days 1-3:
    First try with bee4
    71 Visits
    1 Lead
    $0.42 banked
    Not even a half dollar, nicely done :p

    Day 4
    Switched to mediafire method.
    7 Visits
    0 Leads
    "Nothing to do here"

    Day 5-10
    Litle change of plans.
    I've made convincing landing page and I send traffic there.
    170 Visits on landing page
    112 Clicks, wow
    0 Leads *ba dum tsss!
    Used content locker provided by cpa network but It was inefficient.

    Day 11
    The same as last 5 days but using cpal..d now instead of daol...s.
    171 Visits on landing page
    44 Clicks
    4 Leads
    $0.68 banked
    That's better but still not good enough. More than half dollar at least :p

    4 cpa networks deny my application. :( I have blamads account but can't log into.
    I think my problem is quality of surveys. Others could get $2-$3 per 4 leads...

    I have 4 videos as far and use my own software to like comments.
    I hope you will help me solve the problem of conversion rate as I think is caused by poor surveys.
    Today I will try to reach 300 Visits and $2.
    Wish me luck!