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    Please anybody can help me answer my wuestion about WOT (Web Of Trust)
    1. Is WOT affect SERP?
    2. How delete users stupid review and rated very poorly. I was very surprised because the site in question is just a free information site. It has no ads, no malware, no adult content, sells nothing, etc?
    3. My site scanned by McAfee SiteAdvisor and deemed ?clean.? You know the type of site, one of those sites we all love to visit because you aren?t inundated with ads and a slow loading site. Just information that you may enjoy. . . or may not. No cookies set, nothing. . . just a very basic web site with information, how to change rate by WOT?
    4. There are so many victim, some example after surfing Big G.

    ?After doing a little research into WOT I?ve found that is it very very easy to game WOT.

    1. WOT does not require that a user actually have a myWOT account. They can simply install the add-on and rate from that point on.
    2. WOT does not seem to use IP address to ensure that someone does NOT use multiple browsers with different WOT add-ons to game the system.
    3. Even if #2 were not true, anyone can use a service like TOR to rate sites and they will show with a different IP every time they start TOR.
    4. WOT has no fail-safe mechanism that checks a user?s rating against professional security/trust tools.
    5. WOT does not have any type of verification for account setup?no email or phone verification.
    Because of these five holes (there are more) in WOT it?s very easy for any person to game WOT and promote or discredit a site != ?trust.?

    Can anybody do something about this Web of Trash?

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    Actually I think, they are much more difficult to game now, we did some ratings ewxchange but failed to improve the reputation(