Will niche/keyword relevant tld help in ranking


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Aug 2, 2015
For example if you want to rank for "Papa john cafe" will having a domain name like papjohn.cafe help in rankings? or
something like "urban chic fashion" and the domain urbanchic.fashion

will it help or will it be detrimental? is .com better? or the same?
Nowadays KOD maybe not too much, but it will help if your content is related to your domain name
I prefer tld of course.
Improve your branding power, On page and off page.
so it doesnt matter much?
which one would you choose-
bestonline.movies OR bestomovies.com (O stands for online )

Try to add extra word to make it partial EMD - example: thebestomovies.com - this will be my choice :)
EMD - Exact Match Domain. Where "best online movies" is your exact match main keyword. Hope you got it :)
I think EMDs have lost its power 2-3 years back, as the search engines have tweaked the settings respectively. Partial match domains would work just like exact match domains, and it begins with a fresh sheet of paper for both sites.
Still, there is a loophole - an EMD that is registered through an country level domain, like .co.uk, etc, those are working extremely well for locally searched keywords, and should be taken seriously its potential.
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