Will EMD's be affected when the Over optimization algo rolls out?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoguy81, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I've achieved a lot of success with EMD domains.. both with .com's, country level TLD and .info's

    I remember reading about google's new algorithms reg the over optimization. Soon enough the web has been flooded with 'experts' giving their own two cents. One writer states that when G's over optimization algo rolls out, and when they level the playing field EMD's might get hit.

    Considering the number of self proclaimed Guru's, I thought of asking the BHW community on the inputs for this one.

    Of course, over optimization will definitely consider a lot of signals and EMD might be just one of them. However, what do you think would the implications be?

    Could we overcome the new rollouts by perhaps going a bit less aggressive in terms of keyword density, H tags and so on? What are your thoughts?
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    Impossible to answer until it is actually rolled out.
    I can't see it though,any legit business will go for an EMD,so I think it is highly unlikely.
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    Google isn't going to penalize over something so arbitrary as your domain name, though they might reduce the benefit of an EMD so that it doesn't rank better than any average site.

    Google doesn't have any "new" over-optimization algorithm they're baking up (or if they do, no one knows about it). There are over-optimization algorithms in place now, which have to do with keyword stuffing and anchor text that are too similar. But these do not apply to the domain name itself.

    The most I've ever read Matt Cutts saying about EMDs is that they might reduce their bonus. I can't imagine they'd penalize over it, that'd be just stupid.
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    From my personal experience, it is equally easy to rank EMD as non-emd. So maybe you achieverd your success simply because you did the right moves, and not because your domains were EMD...

    Therefor, there is no need to be worried at your side.
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    Personally, I found after Panda, EMDs to have gained more value (about 7/10 times).
    So there might be room for Google to lower how they rank them, but I doubt there will be penalties as such.
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    EMD are the shit !!! I invested over $8000 in EMD in just one single niche. Bought EMDs for $300 up to $3000 / EMD. If I wouldn't think they are the shit you think I would have invested that much in domains?

    An EMD is the ultimate competition killer. I feel comfortable competing against any site that is #1 in Google. If the site is high PR I don't mind. If it is well optimized, I don't mind. If it has good links, I don't mind. But if it has all that AND it is also an EMD I say good bye to that particular niche because I don't want to try to compete against a well optimized EMD - those are a pain to beat.

    In my opinion an EMD acts as a multiplier to a certain extent. If you just deployed an EMD will give you tiny if any advantage. If you got an EMD to PR4 and optimized it and built lots of content on it and good links, the fact it is an EMD not only will it give it a boost but seems it makes Google think it is THE "official" domain for the keyword. It is insanely difficult to outrank an EMD with high trust.
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