Why you are NOT making Bank

You should really be promoted to exec vip. by far the most helpful, and most resourceful posts on bhw!
Had to read this again this morning for some extra inspiration.

You are completely right about failing. I failed most methods I tried for over a year until finally I found a goldmine that I can profit off of for several years.

So for everyone reading this don't give up just because you didn't make it the first couple of times. Once you see those dollar signs on the screen trust me, you'll be more than happy you stuck it through.
I just want to thank you for all the really helpful threads you've created lately. I've been struggling with learning SEO/building amazon affiliate sites and your threads help me learn a lot. I've failed multiple times, but I'm not giving up.

Just started a new MNS after reading your guides on cheap seo/amazon affiliate sites. I'm going to keep trying until I finally succeed. It's sad that people quit so easily... I've learned so much from failing at making a few sites. I don't go into my projects thinking I'm going to make bank anymore - I go into them knowing I'll learn enough from the project no matter what and it'll help me succeed in the future. All of the time people think they've wasted on failures is actually an investment.

Thanks for being so helpful bro.
Most people won't ever make it because that level of commitment is very hard. You need to have your whole life in order. You need to be happy, have stable relationships, be in good health and not have overwhelming desires to have something "better" than you have, but most people looking to get rich in IM are doing it because they don't like their life.

To get up every morning and work for at least 8-9 hours, preferably 12-13 of HIGHLY FOCUSED work, while maintaining your motivation and not letting the stress of failures, or the difficulty of tasks get you down is tough.

You really have to realize that everything comes from your mindset and emotions and stay as relaxed and easy going as possible.

Anyone can work hard for a few days, even a week, but to achieve success people need to maintain that level of work for 2-3 years before expecting life changing results.

People give up because they don't have the energy to maintain the work. They work hard for a while because they're unhappy and are waiting for money in order to fuel them, but when the money doesn't come quickly enough they run out of steam and go back to doing things that keep them going every day, like watching tv, going out with friends or whatever other leisure activity people like.

The thing is, it's our own internal fuel that produces money. Money isn't the fuel. It's a by-product.

People like lightningblitz are in a place where the thought of spending all day watching TV would be like torture. He will be constantly itching to push his projects forward. It's like something is constantly there pushing him.

You can get there, but it takes some momentum to get you going and a change of mindset.
Yeah, I do think most people give up too quickly. I guess it is the fear of having done something "for free" that makes
us reluctant to put in a lot of work if the outcome isn't guaranteed.
I believe that on internet it's all about the time and little bit of luck...

You can't just re-do or constantly do just a thing/method... Must be super open for new methods and things too...
...if you learn seo you are INCREDIBLY dependant on a third party company which you don't have a single bit of influence over, yet a lot of people do seo... :p
Will you be my mentor? Aha no seriously. Let me pm you with what I have going on and you tell me if I'm headed in the right direction?

Your work ethic inspires me, and your opinion seems to matter to me after reading this!
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