Why so afraid? Too much fear everywhere...

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    Through my whole life I didn't see nothing but fear, everything in our life isn't achieved by something else except fear... Fear of dying, of losing, of loneliness, of future, of poverty... all this adrenaline lead us to anxiety, depression and so many mental illness that can only be cure by love and only love.

    Have you never take a moment and just admire the beauty around you? I'm not saying the things like "Oh! look I know this homeless person from somewhere else he's so fucked up and such a big loser..." that's true sickness.

    Take a moment and smile not because you're crazy "lol" but just cause you got this beautiful feeling just for one time in your life that you don't need to be afraid anymore just be happy with what you have now and don't worry you won't lose it anyway cause whatever may would happen you are already shield against it.

    I won't lie to you but I live with 5$ a day and I'm so happy cause at least I'm not afraid anymore all what kills me is how sometimes society look at you and think about you and that you're actually begging for there money or something like that... I'm in no need of this "FEARFUL MONEY" keep it for yourself but make sure of one thing that this fear has no end and will never goes away no matter how much you got.

    Thank you everybody, I love you all of you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes
    so much love for everyone :)
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