1. ad2007

    Meaning of Life...

    Hey all, I don't know where I read this text about the life but it was mind blowing for me so I wanted to share it with you too, hope you like it. :)...
  2. l0cke


    If you had access to a time machine WHEN and WHERE would you go? Hit a like and drop your comments
  3. tattooedbuddha

    [GUIDE] How to 10X Your Productivity - Get Less DISTRACTED and Become HYPERFOCUSED

    (all images in the thread are made by me, feel free to download and use them.) This guide will tell you how to focus your attention and increase your productivity Basically, a guide on getting shit done. Does any of this apply to you? You get distracted easily You endlessly refresh pages in a...
  4. l0cke

    Whom would you choose : A Small kid or a Billionaire

    Incase If you get a chance to exchange your life currently, with whom would you exchange : A small kid? or a Billionaire ? I would choose a small kid because everything they see & gain is only love. So we could do anything for that life. You can give your own thoughts also... Hit like if...
  5. Qquuinn

    Thank You, BlackHatWorld!!! (an appreciation thread)

    TL;DR AT BOTTOM AS ALWAYS If you read my urgent advice needed and my learning to enjoy the sun threads, hi again! Before, I was quite concerned on whether or not I would end up in a precarious situation. I was able to earn a sizable amount of money, but I decided against a car. Primarily...
  6. seelyaftini

    Why do people not succeed despite having access to everything they need in the current world? I need a convincing answer, not a simple one!!

    I know some answers but I still don't understand because currently I just gotten started working online and I see everything is available that sometimes not sometimes always make me fail, because I think why everything is available on the internet and I still see people complaining and working...
  7. K

    While there is life there is hope.

    I can make it through the rain. I can stand up once again on my own.
  8. M

    3500$ income in your own company or 3000$ salary working for someone else?

    What will you choose and why. 3500$ income on average working for yourself or 3000$ salary working for someone else?
  9. Sartre

    Where's your dream place to live? Looking to move soon

    We're 3 years in the Canary Islands for now, and while the weather is nice, there are not a lot of big city opportunities here, shipping takes ages (sometimes up to 2 months), and it feels like a village, in general. The place went pretty much dead since COVID and never revived. Money is not an...
  10. Sartre

    Just wanted to say cheers to you guys and I love this forum. Having a minor surgery tomorrow and I'm feeling paranoid.

    Bless y'all and I will be here back tomorrow evening to say everything is good. And, before you ask, yes it's a nut thing.
  11. TomTheCat

    When Karma hits you...

    As a reminder for those that do adult business, whatever this means, or any other type of business, just read the damn Terms of Service / Privacy Policies so your hosting / business won't have any issues. Those are there for a reason!
  12. Queen Heidi

    what's your favorite quote ???

    Hey beautiful hearts : ) Quotes have the power to motivate you, inspire you and also helpful to change our life too , my favorite quote is .. our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall - by "confucius" and now what yours ?? -queen...
  13. Nancy224

    Men worry about their money, women worry about their lives.

    I just have to get this off my chest! I just started in this community a few days ago. It's been fine, but one thing really bothers me. When women express caution about being sexually intimate, in a private environment, meeting someone quickly, etc., I've seen them tend to get some backlash from...
  14. 333brando

    Always all alone nothings okay I’m not okay

    fr feel like i have no control of myself rn im rlly stuck in my head rn lol I came here for mostly Facebook likes because I feel like loser Mostly everyday I feel like I want nobody to remember or know me expect a few people That’s why I want to get likes on my fb post but fuck what people...
  15. Elin Dotsya

    My 10 Year Journey To Financial Independence (Work in Progress)

    Ok, it's actually almost 9 years so far, but 10 makes a much better title. First, I'd like to preface by stating that I'm a very lazy person. I am the living embodiment of Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan. Check it out, it's a fun anime. If I could get away with it, I'd sit on my butt and play...
  16. mainceaft

    I want to change my path in life away from computers.

    This is something I was think off slightly last 7 Yrs (yes I'm kinda slow person ), since my last IM project collapsed , And yes I got some money from working online, but like any one who had little experience ( with real life ) specially in business, I spent that money on my life expensive...
  17. Josh Saga

    Anybody who found love in BHW?

    Or are we all dicks here in a sausage fest? xoxo
  18. TomTheCat

    Happy New Year everyone!

    So here I am in Tonga, enjoying the first minutes of 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣. I already made my first $ in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣, from a 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ sale. Everything on auto-pilot. I hope that this new year will be the best year of your life. May all your hopes are fulfilled and all your dreams come true. Happy...
  19. Josh Saga

    Before you started IM, what were you doing?

    Hello All, I'm just curious as to how most of us came to know IM. I personally was a Photographer and Retoucher and just found out about IM this past few months back. How about you? How did you start?
  20. Castamir

    Luck is in fact a predictable, patterned response that most people have to givers

    If good fortune falls out of the sky and into your lap, it’s often because of some good deed you did in the past. Do more good deeds despite your fear of getting burnt and you’ll create more luck. Good luck Copied from
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