1. l0cke

    Whom would you choose : A Small kid or a Billionaire

    Incase If you get a chance to exchange your life currently, with whom would you exchange : A small kid? or a Billionaire ? I would choose a small kid because everything they see & gain is only love. So we could do anything for that life. You can give your own thoughts also... Hit like if...
  2. georgetoons

    Help me Im Heartbroken

    Hi everyone, well i just broke up with my girl of a year and a half. The relationship just turned into something toxic, she would constantly complain about how we don't do anything like going to parties etc. The reason for this was i was always working and trying to build my career as i am only...
  3. Bedazzle

    Find the Love of Your Life or Make a Million Dollar?

    Which one do you go with?
  4. crissdinesh

    Couple Separated by Travel Ban - Duck you Covid-19

    Me and my partner are separated by travel ban for more than a year. When will life get back to normal? I've registered myself to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Is someone sailing on the same boat? I just wanted to share the pain. So, I created this post.
  5. Josh Saga

    How often do you engage in pleasure?

    Well? What is it? And why that? And if it's not steamy spicy, why the hell not? Also, as the honorary lounge bum, I hereby announce: IT'S THE WEEKEND xoxo
  6. Josh Saga

    Write Like You're Running Out of Time

    Its lyrics from a song from Hamilton the Musical This guy inspired me a lot when I was 19 - because he was 19 as well when he tried to make a name for himself back then. I was 19 when I became known in the photography industry in my country, and damn I even landed 4 Billboard Shoots at 19...
  7. Josh Saga

    Anybody who found love in BHW?

    Or are we all dicks here in a sausage fest? xoxo
  8. Josh Saga


    Hello, it's me your lounge neighbor. It's already Saturday here, and I spentd a good deal of meditation for my weekends. I've come to realize, with all the voodoo-mojo-schtick-Indian-sitting-meditation I've been doing for the past year, the fundamental truth. THE TRUTH IS: That in the end...
  9. jem001

    What would you do if the only thing your getting this christmas is a broken heart?

    I fell in love with someone at work and I gave her gifts last Christmas. But this year I got laid off and started to get serious on IM and start a business because I don't want to work for anyone again. I thought I'm gonna end up with a relationship with her but I opened my Facebook one time and...
  10. Josh Saga

    Emoji Reaction Petition

    Hello Guys, As you can see - the immense value this community continously provides is simply amazing- if there are other words better than the word amazing that would be it. I'm very new here and same goes for a lot of us newbies but I knack on all the guides on this forum 5-6 hours a day to...
  11. RanQ Higher

    Happy Father's Day!

    We all see our father as a hero in childhood and then as an adversary in our teens... not all, but most of us! But in reality, we all feel the sacrifice and hardship he suffered only when we were promoted to be a father! But if he wasn't with you at the time, there's nothing worse than that :(...
  12. RanQ Higher

    Love at First Sight!❤️ Kill at First Betrayal!!. ☠️

    Actually, these both have extremely different ends with their own... some times it may experience both the love and betrayal together... I hope you guys can catch the point that I'm trying to say... ;) But the truth is; every one of us being crossed or experienced in these 2 situations in our...
  13. Queen Heidi

    The crazy thing you LOVE

    Everybody has about crazy things in their life which makes you fun, love, or addiction to it! :mad: That's a ballooooooooon in my life! :p:p:p I love balloons, I addicted to it... It makes me crazy when it surrounded by me :D:D:D What's yours? let's share the craziest thing you love...
  14. E

    Love vs Lust!

    I don't understand why people use word "Love" for both mothers love and a parterner's "love" Mother's love is real Love Partner's love is just Lust! Who agree with me on this?
  15. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Feeling a little emotional today so wanted to vent it out.

    Ever wondered if poor people even celebrate the things we do? Chocolate day, Valentine's Day, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, etc etc. Here's how something is celebrated by the less-fortunate people. No expensive gifts, no expensive clothes, no fancy hotels, no fancy cars. Just. Pure. Love. And a...
  16. draco02

    Do you believe in true love?

    Personally, especially after my experiences in the past with woman, lost my faith into true love. I focus now on friends and family and also on my business :D I dont want to waste time with dating And yes, i would say dating is a waste of time but that s just my opinion What is your opinion? :)
  17. See Gre

    What matters more for boys nice nature or vital stats of a girl

    If you want to spend your life with a girl. What matters for you the most(if you have to choose between two)? nice nature of the girl taking care of you and your family. Or she must be beautiful and sexy so that attraction between both of you remains.
  18. Atyat

    Hi boys and girls

    Hello everyone! i'm Sara Atyat, it's weird but i'm from morocco, and i like the American and British culture, maybe you can find that my english is very bad, but i'm just learning it, so as i can be better to speak without being shy or confused, so i'm 22 years old, and i'm an artist in...
  19. Jamesjohnson74

    Will you merry

    So, will you merry a girl who loves you but no so good looking, or the one who is more gorgeous?
  20. digitalgeckos

    [GET] [FREE] - ******** - DA 87 - Easy - Much SEO

    How to Flipboard dot com Sign up Press on the pencil from the top right ( if you are blind click here ) Create a magazine Post your links Optional Blast them with few cheap PBN links Proof from my friend Ahrefs
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