Why Do People Buy Adwords Account?

They are spamming BH niches. They dont have time time to do everything by them self. Time/money ratio is more profitable for them to outsource everyting
Why do people get rentals to go on vacation when they have Brand New cars.

If I was running something iffy I would. Luckily clickmagik caught something and saved my account from being banned.
Because they're suspended, want ad-credit, and/or are promoting a black-hat niche. There are a number of reasons and advantages to buying an account.
People buy threshold account so they can spend on ads for free, without paying for the ads. And non threshold account for the people who want to pay bills and they lost their own adwords or if they are running a blackhat campaigns.
People churn & burn threshold accounts in order to drastically reduce their actual advertising budgets. It all has to do with saving quite often a lot of money.
Cloacking get your accounts banned so fast so it's easier to buy them , thats why older accounts are more expensive
Is it worth it to have a threshold account but with profitable campaign? If for example you have a lot of conversion data from an adword account, I think it's not that good to reset again from another account then earn the conversion data again to optimize the campaign.
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