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Jan 14, 2014
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We know that you as a user want a reliable and powerful server; the limits should not put your website

in a container. You want a server that has the best configuration that can handle your website even on a

busy day. And we understand this, which is why we give the best configuration possible but with no

limits. You are smart enough to just not believe on sweet words, so we are teasing all the benefit that

you get once you sign up at GoogieHost.

Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer

Many free web hosts just confuse the users by giving limited disk space and bandwidth transfer. But with

GoogieHost you get unlimited disk space that will help you create a great website without any kind of


Now you don?t have to worry about increasing visitors as your bandwidth transfer limit will never reach.

Do you know why? The answer is because it is unlimited.

More Unlimited Perks

After smashing your head with your laptop screen for many nights, you find a free web hosting service

that offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth transfer. But when you sign up and start

creating your website on that server, you get to know that you don?t have the permission to create more

than a few email accounts or host multiple domains.

At GoogieHost you get everything unlimited for real. You can create any number of E-mail accounts,

MySQL databases, FTP accounts, domains and host unlimited addon domains.

Absolutely Ad Free

We understand that ads frustrate you and more than that make experience of your website users, worst.

GoogieHost promises 100 per cent ad free experience and we don?t charge anything for it.

Free CMS Installer

CMS can make managing your website a lot easy and GoogieHost features a free CMS installer that

allows you to install from dozens of free scripts. Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Opencart are some of the

popular used content managements systems.

Free Website Builder with Free Templates

If you don?t want to go with any CMS and want to create amwebsite on your own, then you can use our

Free Website Builder tool that makes creating website just that easy. It is all possible with its drag and

drop feature. You can choose from a dozen of free templates that are available in the builder or you can

create a design from scratch.

Our Android App

We offer something special that no other web host in the world offers. With our android app that is

available on the Play Store, you can do everything that you generally do with your desktop. You can

login to your website panel; browse files on the server, check sever uptime and much more. The

complete list includes the following:

●Googie Panel Access to access all the addons

●You can upload files directly to your website?s web disk

●Edit and manage files on your website?s web disk with file manager

●Access website builder

●Create and manage databases

●Access to DNS zone editor

●Access to SSH Consoles

●You can also manage cron jobs

The real benefit is that this app is totally free.

24/7 Customer Care

You will not feel helpless in case something bad happens to your website. We provide free 24/7

customer service to our customers of free hosting service. We will be always there for you.

Spam Protection

Spammers are always in search of new websites where they can place fake links by various methods.

Spamming can make your website bulky and can also result in reduction of your search engine rank. We

provide complete free spam protection that most of the free hosting services don?t offer.

All the features that are mentioned above make GoogieHost the best solution for your free web hosting

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Originally Posted by cottonwolf http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/web-hosting/753689-why-choose-googiehost-free-web-hosting.html#post7810087 I thought you google employees were busy deindexing websites, scanning gmails and just ruining small scale people.
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