Where's the Mac OS X software? (Is anyone making BHW-type apps for Mac?)

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by c-a-w, Mar 6, 2015.

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    I've been writing my own scripts in JS, and AppleScript for some time. But PC users have tons of apps here that accomplish many of the same tasks. Is there a list of Mac-compatible applications built by BHW folks? If there's not already a list thread, can we make a list here?
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    There wouldn't be as much automation software for Macs as there is for Windows because most of it is written in .NET

    Also, people that make money are smart > smart people don't buy Macs
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    You can't have my bots. Sorry :'(
    That, and most of the... oh god, how do I say this without offending all of the kids here... less qualified programmers like to push out bad software in simple languages (VB/C#) because there is virtually no learning curve on them when it comes to syntax and form integration.

    If you want something cross-platform, have your developers code it in C++ using Qt (a cross-platform framework with tons of shit - IIRC followliker is written in it. I wrote Gramblr in it, too), or a cross-platform language like Python or Java. The issue with the non-compiled languages is that the developer can't protect his/her intellectual property since even the least tech-savvy users can just decompile the binary and have access to full source code.

    This is why .NET, Java, and virtually any other interpreted language with it's own (also interpreted) bytecode isn't ideal for developing software in. I believe Dropbox is written in Python, but they wrote their own binding system to evaluate packed/encrypted python scripts on the fly by reading it's own binary.

    TL;DR; There isn't many options available for you because many bot developers are too lazy to write cross-platform code and expand their market by nearly double. Think about it - many social media/marketing firms run strictly on OS X and Apple devices. So unless you're pushing your bot to a web-based solution (which in all honesty is ideal), you're losing a ton of money.
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    Depending on what type of software your looking for, but all my software is cross platform :)