os x

  1. C

    Where's the Mac OS X software? (Is anyone making BHW-type apps for Mac?)

    I've been writing my own scripts in JS, and AppleScript for some time. But PC users have tons of apps here that accomplish many of the same tasks. Is there a list of Mac-compatible applications built by BHW folks? If there's not already a list thread, can we make a list here?
  2. ipopbb

    Mac OS X Proxy Switcher FOR FREE

    Mac OS X Proxy Testing & Switching I recently did some work with some PVAs from XGC Media. The list of 200 accounts they sent me only had 16 working accounts in it. Within a day they had a new list of 200 for me that was perfect. I'm impressed. But the real reason for this post is that to...
  3. M

    Looking for a good Press release service...

    Any advice or anecdotes would be appreciated. Looking for free and pay services that are worth the time and/or money. Also not opposed to software suggestions (would love a Mac solution, but not expecting one)
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