Where to promote my affiliate program?

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    I've recently started partnering with job boards to promote my company's resume writing services.

    I've built my business to the point where I can pay out around $0.50 for people that sign up for me to give them a free critique of their resume and up to $3 for people that pay me $1 for a critique of their resume.

    I'm looking for places to promote my offer through affiliates.

    I know I can sign up through company's like CJ (and I've managed programs through them in the past), but I'd really like to find low-cost alternatives to building affiliate or joint-venture partnerships.

    Right now, my approach is to call job boards and pitch their management on including us in their mailings to their users, but that's tedious.

    Where would you go to recruit affilaites/jvs if you were me?

    (On a side note, please PM me if you've got access to job seekers and would like to discuss the opportunity)