affiliate companies

  1. A

    Epic Direct March Payment

    I haven't received my march payment from Epic Direct. Anyone else with this issue? Thanks.
  2. SRProfitKing

    I came across a site For noobs looking for good networks to join

    a few months ago i was searching for affiliate companies that pay weekly and stumbled on i'm not sure if you have heard of it or not but its pretty great it ranks all the affiliate companies and gives reviews of them and even affiliate managers so you can talk to...
  3. jmsks33

    Affiliate Network For Sale on ebay

    Hello Black hatters, I found an affiliate network for sale on ebay I don't know if I'm allowed to put the link here, so therefore I don't post it, but if some one is interesting on finding more about it, PM me and I send the link where it can be seen. Cheers, j.m.
  4. nundinator

    Where to promote my affiliate program?

    I've recently started partnering with job boards to promote my company's resume writing services. I've built my business to the point where I can pay out around $0.50 for people that sign up for me to give them a free critique of their resume and up to $3 for people that pay me $1 for a...
  5. sikandar

    InsureMe Affiliate Program Sucks

    I tried to enroll in the affiliate program of - I immediately got the notification by email telling me who is my affiliate manager and that I'd be informed when my account would be activated by the company. Almost two weeks have passed since then I have not received any kind of...
  6. blackma

    What is the story with Affiliate Managers?

    I was emailing my CPA AM the other day and stopped to think what kind of guy this guy is and why does he do this job, which I think kinda sucks!? I mean, you are positioned to believe that he is all knowledgeable and is indeed your manager like a manager in an 9-5 office job. But any time I...
  7. blackma

    I Need A Good Weed Affiliate Program that ships free to UK/Ireland

    Hey guys, I like weed. I want to sell the legal variety, you know the stuff you find in head shops. I have googled it, there are quite a few so...... To cut a long story short I was wondering if any of you guys have promoted this stuff and can recommend a trustworthy crowd to promote for...
  8. B

    List of Affiliate Programs that pay by paypal and don't require phone verification

    So, I searched and I didn't find a list of affiliate programs that pay by paypal and don't require phone verification so I started this thread to collect them. I will be editing the first post with the urls of the programs so please post their urls. Thanks for your help! THE LIST(replace ** by...
  9. B

    Do anyone work with affiliatefuture?

    Does anyone work with hxxp://affiliatefuture*com/ ? I sent them a ticket last friday asking if they could pay by paypal because since I live in south america I would have to wait quite a long time to receive the cheque. However, they haven't answered yet. Can anyone share his/her experience with...
  10. S

    Affiliate Offers for Motorcycle Riders??

    I want to promote affiliate products on my site targeted towards motorcycle riders. All I find for affiliate programs are motorcycle accessories and parts sites who offer low commisions (around 8-10%). Is this even worth it? I guess Im at a lost at what other kind of products I could...
  11. S

    Couple of questions

    First question: Does anyone know which affiliate company is sponsoring the ads on topmoneyreview.0rg and similar sites? Also do these networks provide the templates for these programs? Second question: Can anyone tell me which companies sponsor the paid to click ads? I am thinking of starting...
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