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    I was just going through a pretty good whitepaper on the value of SEO that goes through some interesting calculations on value of a ranking and CTR.

    In one of the charts they talk about the calculating the net present value of a page 1 ranking based on exact search volume and lo0ng tail volume. The value of the traffic is based off of the Google AdWords CPC. One item that they list and I am sure it is to convince you to hire them, is the cost of an SEO campaign. They are using a very competitive term "health insurance" as an example and are estimating a annual SEO cost of $200,000 for the first year and $50,000 per year after. This of course they estimate will be worth $7,119,536 in net present value based on exact and long tail visits at a first page position of 2-4.

    Now for the fun part:
    Assuming you got a contract for $200k the first year and $50k per year for maintenance and after you drop a load in your pants here is what I want to know:

    1. What is the percentage of revenue would you spend on services and what would you keep for profit?

    2. Would you work in some sort of 1st page initial bonus and monthly for maintaining the 1st page ranking?

    3. How would you allocate your time to the project and what areas would you focus on?

    4. What portion would you handle "in-house" (no matter how small that house might be) and what portion would you outsource?

    5. What are some of the techniques that you would use knowing that this company would be a very large entity and would definitely shy away from Blackhat methods. Gray hat would be acceptable

    Thanks and I look forward to any insight you all might have.
    **I will be happy to link to the report if allowed by a moderator, but can't for now as I am a noob.