1. ledaponey

    I've just discovered why most of YouTube views doesn't work anymore

    And it's all bad news, let me be clear A lot of large channels are using servers that send fake views with high click-through rates (CTR) and high retention, and you may think... Well, how does that affect everyone? If the traffic is low it mostly wont affect anyone like what I used to do...
  2. jaydeb99

    Proof From Google That CTR holds significant influence and..

    Here is a patent from Google titled “Modifying search result ranking based on implicit user feedback and a model of presentation bias” which says, at one point, the following: Source: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8938463 According to insights shared by Google's engineers, both...
  3. M

    I search someone to manipulate my CTR

    Hey Guys, Im looking for someone can manipulate the CTR. We are a online casino working on different country like : FR, UK, ES, IE, CH ... What I'm looking for exactly is someone who can search for a keyword on google and click on our result and browse the site for a few seconds or even click...

    How do you know if your targeting is right on Facebook Ads?

    In my opinion based on: 1.Conversion rate: Conversion rate measures the number of people completing a desired action (such as filling out a form or making a purchase) divided by the number of clicks on your ad. A higher conversion rate indicates that your ad is effectively targeting people...
  5. predator1988@

    CTR drop

    Hello, my page CTR and RPM dropped by 50% from December 2022. Rpm dropped from 1.7 - 2 to 0.6 - 0.7 :( I understand the situation in the world but I need to ask does anyone have the same problem.
  6. Eternalman

    The min CTR to be successful in blogging

    Hey, guys what do you think is the least CTR necessary for a post to be successful? I have a few posts, that bring in the most traffic, but the title seems quite similar structure-wise to the other posts that almost don't bring in any traffic. I know there is a lot more at play here than just...
  7. kvvni

    █████ SERPBUZZY █████ Google Brand Searches & Visits | Real Users CTR | Niche-Related Organic Traffic ▶️ VISIBLE IN GSC, GA, TRENDS

    Hello everybody, we are offering a new service that improves website's SEO, organic traffic and brand searches. This is obvious that specific brand name searches improves rankings - and here we come! We offer: Real Branded Searches – People will look for your brand in search engines. It can...
  8. iamthewarlock

    CTR manipulation: 5 months of testing

    Hi, everybody! I've tried a few reputed CTR manipulation services during the last 5 months (I have to thank @PinguSpy for the suggestions). Serpclix: some results after two months, but defintely not worth the money spent. The progression was slow, not that impressive and the results began to...
  9. HenryObi

    How Do You Improve CTR On A Page Getting Zero Clicks Despite Ranking Well

    This specific keyword gets thousands of impression as you can see and the actual position is between position 8 and 10 not the 11 seen here. For context the keyword is actually a difficult with top 3 occupied by Wikipedia and two other similar site, while the next position is occupied by...
  10. M

    CTR Microworker Network wanted

    Hey guys, we are looking for someone who has or can name a site / platform / network, for CTR Microworker. We need clicks and views for our website to improve the ranking. We don't want to talk directly to the microworkers, we just want to tell them what we need and then pay them, everything...
  11. coolsheet

    Let's talk CTR tools. CTR Booster vs Viper SEO Tools/The Kraken

    Good morning BHW, So I've been using CTR booster for a while now. For years. It's NEVER been a perfect tool and I've found myself dropping it and using other methods many times. Whether it was mass pages, a different tool, or running ads with manipulated search strings as the destination URL...

    Youtube blackhat grow channel advice

    I have around 500$ budget to spend on growing my youtube channel and eventually having real viewers. I was told it would be worth to buy a channel with lots of old subscribers. I found a Monetized channel, 80000 subs for 470$, is it worth to buy to have authority in my niche? Or should I buy a...
  13. G

    How can I scale my Facebook ads x2?

    Hi guys, I am doing good on Facebook, I am not gonna lie. Spending around 10k daily making good profits, but raising budget over 10k is difficult. Working in lots of geos currently. Give me your strategies how to scale big, please. Everything you have. Tips for higher CTR and lower CPC? Tips on...
  14. M

    Microworkers wanted for CTR Manipulation

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need Microworkers for our website to provide us with CTR Manipulation. We need to increase rank and visibility of our pages through CTR Manipulation. We are only interested in CTR botting that...
  15. M

    Specialists / Plattform wanted for CTR Manipulation

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need someone, a freelancer, a platform or website to provide us with CTR Manipulation. We need to increase rank and visibility of our pages through CTR Manipulation. The quality of the bots / IPs...
  16. I

    Help (proxies with youtube account engagements)

    Soo I'm planning on having 1proxy/one youtube account, and then use them to watch my videos and like/subscribe etc. To get real high ctr and subscriber engagement ratio=pushed to recommendeds If any of you have done this, which proxy provider u used? I can't be paying 100usd/1 proxy, I looken...
  17. SMMTribe

    CTR Manipulation - Increase Your Keywords CTR & Impressions - Rank Higher In Google & YouTube Search!

    Good day to all fellow BHW members! We're excited to introduce you a new service on BHW. GOOGLE & YOUTUBE CTR MANIPULATOR 3.0 (CTRM) So, what is this CTR Manipulator 3.0? CTRM is the one I like to call the "Secret Sauce". It is a complete systemized ranking strategy that will help you rank...
  18. I

    Youtube ranking using accounts with proxies

    Currently trying to make my ctr higher by using bought aged youtube accounts, with each own proxy enabled. Now after 2 days the subscribers are disappearing from my channel, but when I log in with the accounts that subbed, it shows they are still subbed. I think this is problem with my proxy...

    Mobile CPA Offer Not Converting!

    Hello All, I'm running a mobile CPA offer that is not converting and need your help. I know that's a broad request, so here are some details: I've been running the offer for about a week now and have a total of 216 clicks with a CTR of .34 I'm advertising the offer with a 320x50 banner with a...
  20. D

    Ranking on Youtube with Ads + SMM + Microworkers + Farm

    First off: NONE OF THIS WILL WORK IF YOUR CONTENT IS S#IT. For the past 2 years (almost) since I've gotten into the Youtube Partner Program, I've been trying out new ways to grow. I had success getting one of my videos to rank for a highly competitive keyword about 2 years ago before I took a...
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