1. S

    Awesome Traffic Bot vs. CTRbooster...which one is better?

    Been looking at these two traffic bots. I see good things about both. What experience and results have you had if you have used either? ATB seems like it has a lot of useful features and CTRbooster is used by a little more people. Assuming it comes down to what proxies you use. CTRbooser...
  2. DarkDiamondQ

    Facebook ads scaling

    How do I scale my ads effectively? I think i found a good ads.
  3. HeisenbergWW

    One way to increase the ad conversion: Create content after F.A.B. Formula.

    F.A.B. Formula (Features - Advantages - Benefits) Features The product/service includes features such as specifications and components. Advantages What makes the product/service more helpful to customers. Benefits The benefits that the product/service can bring to customers. Example: Receive...
  4. V

    Impact of Using Datacenter Proxies vs Residential Proxies on Google Analytics and Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using a traffic bot with residential proxies to boost traffic to my website. I've been wondering about the differences in traffic detection between residential proxies and datacenter proxies by Google Analytics. Specifically, if I were to switch to using datacenter...
  5. G

    Best CTR that shows on GSC?

    Any services out there that do this and show in GSC?
  6. M

    Unbelievable +18 Facebook Ad Metrics: High CTR, Low Costs, But No Sales — What’s Going On?

    Hey everyone, I recently launched a few campaigns for +18 niches on Facebook and experienced some very atypical metrics. In most cases, Facebook allowed me to spend very little budget, but when it did, I saw the following metrics: CPM under 3 USD, cost per click less than 0.05 USD, initiate...
  7. stayaffiliated

    What is a good CTR from my bridge page to the offer? Its 30%~

    I'm running an offer on FB and at the moment 30% of people that land on the page are clicking through to the offer. Is there a specific metric that I should aim for - like 40-50%? Anything would be appreciated!
  8. Zenarus

    GMB OFFER ✅ Advanced CTR Manipulation for Local Ranking ✅ 5G Proxy ✅ Dedicated Users ✅ 3-Pack ✅

  9. Serpboost sale page-min.jpg

    Serpboost sale page-min.jpg

  10. M

    My GBP CTR Manipulation method and a quick question

    Hey guys, I'm using non-rooted Android devices, connected to Mint Mobile, each with it's own proxy from iProxy that roates every minute. For CTR I'm using CTR Booster with the following setup: I'm also using the "Custom GEOlocation" function and I'm adding auto-generated coordinates. I'm...
  11. SeoIsArt

    Undisclosed Google N rankings factors - Who is the KING now?

    It is not secret that with the evolution of AI, cracking googles algorithm became much much tougher, that we see threads "SEO is DEAD" more often now. There are numerous (I dont remmeber exaclty, but it is said a few thousand) google ranking criteria. What do you think where (which indicator)...
  12. SeoIsArt

    CTR (SEO TRAFFIC) Manipulation - my Initial findings and theory - To the attention of new and old site owners.

    While our theories still in its infant stage, and currently I have some case studies on some sites running, I will try to share some of my initial findings on CTR manipulation (although I do not like this word) , let's say it is SEO traffic experiment. There are some phenomena which are being...
  13. speedie

    200,000+ monthly Traffic to Your Website ☄️ Boost Google Visits ☄️Skyrocket Pageviews and CTR ☄️ Spikes in Google Analytics ⚡⚡ Be the Tr...

    Open your eyes..Unleash traffic Sit back and watch your traffic SPIKE in Google Analytics 200k visits per month is what you will get. It will drip-feed or deliver gradually in 6700+ visitors per day for 30 days. For example, when you order the 200k traffic, we will start it within 48 hours and...
  14. SeoIsArt

    Importance of initial Traffic and CTR boosting for new websites

    I am conducting a series of researches on new websites, and this point caught my mind. Suppose you launched a new website. Based on what would google rank you in the SERP? most of people would say backlinks. But for new websites you have a limitation in number of backlinks you may build. And...
  15. ctrmodel1111 (1).png

    ctrmodel1111 (1).png

    ctr manipulation
  16. I

    What CTR tool?

    Hey all, favourite CTR manipulation tool? I've tried SerpEmpire, Serpclix, ctrbooster, sparktraffic. I'm not in top 100 for many kws. Need the most cost effective option to start ranking (low volume kws).
  17. N3WY0RK


    Read about our service here: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/ctr-boss-ctr-manipulation-geogrid-reports-whitelabel-dominate-the-serps.1538819/ Many people are reporting great feedback regarding achieving higher rankings, have a read through the thread! We're giving away: 5 of our $59.95...
  18. BigBlackPoodle

    Best CTR Tool

    I've used CTR Booster for a little bit but I'm so tired of all the glitches. I've looked into Awesome Traffic Bot and a few other programs. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd like to find a program that works with Google Maps.
  19. videoseoguy

    Why Selenium and headless browsing will never work for CTR

    Selenium bots like CTR Booster/CTR Boss are detected by Google and other search engines. Headless browsing like Agency Assassin is not even loading the page. If these people had any understanding of JS and how all this worked they would never use these. You need something outside of that and you...
  20. ledaponey

    I've just discovered why most of YouTube views doesn't work anymore

    And it's all bad news, let me be clear A lot of large channels are using servers that send fake views with high click-through rates (CTR) and high retention, and you may think... Well, how does that affect everyone? If the traffic is low it mostly wont affect anyone like what I used to do...
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