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    Hey everyone, I've been reading on BHW on a daily basis for the last month and this is my first post :).

    Basicly I want to ask the BHW community: What software do you need?

    I already have a few ideas myself (long list, feel free to skip):

    - Datamining "Google Adwords Keyword Tool" to keep an (huge) updated list of CPC & Exact Monthly Searches for all keywords and then allow for sorting etc. I think this could be useful for finding niche keywords worth targeting on new sites.

    - Automatic proxy finding tool. Either by mining data from sites that regularly post lists of proxies and verify them or by pinging a large range of IPs to identify proxies.
    I know a lot of people use proxy lists for creating accounts on various pages/blogs/social media sites etc. and this is a tedious task which can be automated.

    - Uniqueness/Plagiarism checker. Self-explanatory, but a tool which can be used for identifying uniqueness issues (and then fix them) before releasing the article/content.
    There are several ways to spot plagiarism, I thought of writing a tool that implements all of them and points out issues that needs to be fixed Something along the lines of Copescape.

    - High PR Blog/Content Submission sites finder. There exists a ton of low PR sites that allow you to create blogs and submit articles etc. My idea is to create a tool which can scan through all of these sites and find/post to the ones with the best PR. Also filter out the ones using nofollow etc.

    - Fully automated content "generator": Input the keywords you want content for along with the length (in characters). The program will collect data from 100-1000 search results and extract the content of them all. From here there are different approaches: Strict spinning & Automatic Summarization (to fit requested length). A more indepth technical approach: In my experience the best results in text mining are neither LSA (latent semantic analysis) nor some ANN-based approach but with hand-build ontologies and taxonomies that are used against some stemmed (and lemmatized) text corpus.
    I have a lot of ideas to do this one, which also involves checking for plagarism along the way to ensure uniqueness of the output etc. I did my Master degree in Pattern Mining (more specificly: EDA). This is an area that I find very interesting.

    - Facebook/Youtube/Twitter auto-mation of likes/posts/thumbs-up/etc. Automaticly creating accounts, verifying e-mails, bypassing captcha and so on. It cannot be made dynamicly, but must be single purpose. For example: Create account on youtube, goto specified video, click "like" and post a comment.
    I've been reading a lot about social media and how it becomes more and more important. As far as I understand, google will look for "pointers" from web 2.0 sites

    - A Keyword Extractor. Simply input some content and you'll get a list of the most important keywords/phrases in the text (aka keyword extraction).
    It can be applied for multiple purposes: Automaticly tagging content/articles, get a hint about what google will "think" that the article is about and making sure that the keywords you are targeting are actually the focus of the article. Based on the principle of co-occurrence (textrank by Mihalcea if you're interested).

    I'm aware that many of these tools already exists (if not all of them). My hope is that some of them have limited functionality or cost money to use.

    Some brief background about me: Master Degree in CS, 13 years of programming experience (5 years from work). Programming in: C++, C#, Javascript and Assembly. I am NOT a SEO expert, but I have a deep understanding about the Web and the underlying technologies.

    I would appreciate your suggestions on what tool could be useful for SEO (both Blackhat and Whitehat). In return I will publish the tool I create for everyone to benefit from. And I will continue to improve it based on your feedback.

    All suggestions are welcome (and nothing is impossible).

    By the way: We are a group of four friends who will work on the project.

    We will pick the suggestion that most people deem the most useful and which we find interesting to develop :D

    Best regards,