what should be the campain to work on email verification cpa?

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    hi friends,
    I want to post on craigslist. And want do start a campaign of email verification CPA. but still can't get up with this. i don't have a idea of how creatively you all Do your CPA work with craigslist.

    I have torn HALF OF MY HAIRS thinking abt the campaign..
    no solution.....
    I m not at all asking you to let me about your campaign.....or to spoon feed me.......its just that i know here are some
    Amazing, Experienced and Perfectionist who would love to share there experience with me and many more NEWBIE.
    The biggest reason is m all stuck without ur help.
    I just want to have a idea of
    How to post a craigslist ad?
    How to Avoid ghosting?
    the biggest question.......
    can you suggest some campaigns for email verification CPA?

    Hope you all will help me out with this?
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