1. B

    Need Social media bot expert

    Hi there I am looking for TikTok and IG bot expert who can create 100s of accounts and post original content to the platforms, I’m also looking for a Reddit expert who can get maximum views on there also. Please respond if you think you can help, Many thanks
  2. AutoSEO

    What is your average post frequency and blog size when it comes to niche topics?

    When do you start getting traction and authority on the given topic?
  3. Chillinwith

    How to automate posting on Reddit on an Android phone

    Hey, guys! Does someone know how to automate posting on Reddit from Google Sheets on an Android phone? I mean the automator of the Android's actions.
  4. N

    Help me find the best time to post on IG based on my followers/followings

    Of course there are general times you can post on IG but we all have different age demographics so it's hard to tell when. I'm looking for someone to analyze the profiles of my followers and followings and to somehow let me know the best times to post each day. Is this possible? If so, let me...
  5. T

    can someone help how adult posting on reddit works?

    can anyone give me tips on how to promote my adult wordpress blog on reddit? I've been banned twice without knowing why. I posted an adult picture via a subreddit together with a short description hashtags and a link to my wp post. what did I do wrong? other people don't do anything else, do...
  6. coolsheet

    GMB Posting For Those That Hate GMB Posting

    I have 2 things I hate in life. GMB posting and bad drivers. There's nothing I can do about bad drivers, so I started a method a year ago that I've now circled back to thats working better than ever. Really it's due to me understanding a little more about NLP, entities, and how to give commands...
  7. mrgeorge

    bulk posting automatic

    Guys , is there any software that can i use to buk post in forums and blogs automatically ??
  8. L

    Need help in social media

    1. how to trigger the curiosity of fans in Social Medias? to post on social medias to attract fans 3. How to turn strangers into friends 4. How to create a sense of anticipation in Social media. something like this if possible please Thank You
  9. dadyyanki

    Help for getting fiverr or similar site worker data

    How can i get fiverr or any similar job posting sites workers data like emails,expertise ? Is there any scraper available? Help if you have any information about this.
  10. C

    please help

    can someone send me the list of free blog posting sites
  11. Degen

    [hiring] 2 hour job to post on Reddit with my accounts

    Hiring someone to create posts from several ( my accounts) on Reddit. Requirements : VPN can follow instructions $2 per hour
  12. ristoriel

    Reddit posting stuff

    Do you post the same stuffs on Reddit? I mean is in different subreddit but same link which happen this link suit for both different subreddit.
  13. M

    Offerup bot posting

    Hi, I am looking for someone who has a bot for Offerup or who can make one and who posts for me. Important: I don't have my own Offerup accounts and I can't provide any.
  14. M

    Help With My Reddit Posts

    Hello, I have an adult website and looking to promote it through Reddit. I have a new Reddit account and it has low karma so my posts do not get much attention. So, I want someone who can post on my behalf on different subreddits. You mush have high karma on your account and I am ready to share...
  15. Meerakat

    How can I find good guest posting opportunities?

    I have reached out to many blogs in my niche and all of them are asking for money, is there a way I can find "free" guest posting sites?
  16. J

    Any auto fb group poster??

    I need a fb group poster only, not anything else just for posting in any fb group, daily within the limit but no jarvee, or anything that's monthly or expensive but just a one time fee. Doesn't matter if its cloud or bots, anyone know of anything for posting in groups only?
  17. J

    fb daily posting limit for 2020??

    whats the new daily posting limit for posting in fb groups, to my profile for newish fb accounts in 2020 or if it hasnt changed, then for 2019 please dont say google it, as i just get different info ? the same for messaging for newish accounts, of 6 months to 1 year?
  18. akshay_saini

    Good DA PA article submission websites

    Hello friends, Can anyone suggest good DA PA article submission websites with target country USA? No Guest posting only self posting?
  19. trane8881

    Instagram fanpage posting

    Hello guys what methods are you using to find , save & post content to your pages? (In case of using a smartphone, or SAFE external tools) if there're some tricks , methods to make it faster and easier, i think it will be also interesting for other members, thanks :)
  20. W

    How to find facebook group

    Can you please recommend a method or software to find many facebook groups where I can post without approval (approval to join or approval to post)? Thank you.
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