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    Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this quick post.
    If any of you have any advice that would be greatly appreciated.

    Okay so first of all What I've done so far and what I could do to make everything better?
    I am basically just going to talk about the sites I have on this post.

    Okay I have 3 sites up now that are decent in my opinion but what I have done so far is added a lot of tags and am in the process of making the descriptions/keywords better on each post on each page but takes some time I came to find out and quite boring. LOL.. And in mean time I have been posting the links to them sites all over relevant videos on YT and have been posting them in relevant blogs with a PR between 2-4 sometimes 5 or higher if I get lucky and find one.

    Now I guess what this post is mainly for is to get some advice on how to getter more targeted traffic and actually get some optins on the list or even better get some sales on a continuous basis? So if anyone has some time to help a newb on this I will be thankful and respectful of opinions and help.
    I have a Skype name where we could instant message vs posting on here but you will need to PM me for the name if you are interested.

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help given.