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Dec 31, 2009
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I have just started an affiliate section in one of my website

Affiliates will get 10% of sale,
60 Days cookie storage
All sale done will be valid for Full year
US $20 Sign up Bonus

What else I should do to join more affiliates, and how should I market this affiliate program?

Your help is highly appreciated.

I just visited site and it seems that it worth to be an affiliate.

Here are certain guidelines and tips that would certainly help beginners to promote affiliate program and earn great profits.

1. Provide exclusive content
You must have heard people saying that content is king, actually this a half-truth. In reality any content is not king but the unique content is. Provide informational content to your audience to read so as to attract their attention. The best way to promote your website is through writing articles and adding them to the website. It is one of the effective tools of search engine optimization.

2. Customer friendly website
Design a user friendly website where there is proper co-ordination between graphics and text. Always give professional look to your website so as to make the brand image on world wide front.

3. Make certain that your content is quite printer-friendly
Visitors love to read offline too. So provide with the option of printing.

4. Create simple to navigate web pages
In order to make the website easily navigable, always make the option of site map in the website. A site map helps the visitor to navigate and choose the section of his interest out of the whole website.

5. Offer complimentary features on the site
Perks are always well liked as well as well received. You are actually creating nice value for your prospects to persuade them to spread the remark regarding your website. This is by now is the most effectual affiliate program marketing secrets.

6. Make all the links of your website clickable
Make sure to check them out first, so that there is no broken link. Conked out links are breeders of misplaced opportunities.

7. Make a FAQ page on to your webpage if you are selling an in-house product
Think and turn up with a catalog of possible questions which visitors might ask. This is important in order to assist your potential customers to understand your brand in a better way. Affiliates fail to apprehend that it could be used for pre-selling too. Furthermore, the FAQ pages save your time in answering the queries related to products.

8. Make it handy for your visitors to get in touch with you
Contact option should contain varied options so that the visitors can have the choice of selecting the most comfortable means to contact you.

9. Permit your guests to give suggestions and opinions on your website
The suggestions of visitors would help you in making the site customer friendly.

10. Promote your site by creating links to your website
Creating backlinks help in search engine optimization and increase the page ranking of the website in search engines.
hrmm when ever i go to it it says page wont display im useing firefox
Instead of trying to promote your Web site by yourself, why not get other people to help you? How? Find out more about affiliate, associate or partner programs.
i agree with himshup..id does miss lot of contents.However i will try this out..
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