What can I do with Facebook Emails and Scraped UID's?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by pillboxjohnny, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Jun 26, 2016
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    What can I do with hundreds of thousands of Facebook Emails and Scraped UID's? (Besides FB Ads)

    They are lists of fb account emails like joeyjetson @ facebook.com etc.

    I have scraped super targeted UIDS User IDs from Facebook and originally thought I could use them to invite friends for my new FB accounts and/or invite people to groups, pages etc.

    I also got the facebook com emails for thes UID's

    Is there any way to use these?

    After having A FEW FB accounts blocked and locked (even being super careful and using proxies - old seasoned accounts and nbrand new ones) I am now paranoid, so my original plan of using the id's to add friends via automation has been put on hold.

    I have added via importing a contact.csv with 800 regular emails (from aweber) one time and it worked, but I am wondering if that would work with a csv of only scraped facebook com emails

    Is there a way to use these targeted leads? Both UIDs and emails???

    Or is there an alternative way to add targeted friends to new accounts, get page likes, add to groups etc.???

    I've heard new accounts can only add 3 new friends a day by "add friend".

    Also I have heard if you use this scraped data for tagerting custom lists in FB ADS you run the risk of getting account closed.

    Any suggestions to build these FB accounts safely would be appreciated.