What are your biggest difficulties at work? What tools, software do you need?


Aug 19, 2012
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Hello everyone!

I'm a member of this community for some time already, but I wasn't active at all, because honestly I didn't have time to write much here. But today I'm coming to you with a question and a plan to give something from myself.

So... Let me ask you something: what are your biggest difficulties at making money online? Yes, I know - this question is vast. Let me divide it to smaller pieces:

1. While working on your online business, what do you lack? Are there any tools that you would like to have to make your work easier?

For example: social media monitoring, SEO tips on YouTube marketing, better Google/YouTube ranking monitoring

2. Is there any work that you do very repetitive and would save a lot of time automating it?

For example: posting the same post on Facebook/G+/Instagram/Steam/Other manually

3. With what kind of work do you struggle the most?

I would really appreciate the answers :) I'd like to work on software to make online marketing a lot easier. But apart from my own experience, I'd like to know also your opinion on the topic! Maybe my ideas don't address all the problems in online marketing.

Thank you all in advance for the answers.
Have a nice day :)