1. eazyfella

    How much you make from apps

    Hello everyone I been making money from apps since I was 12 The highest amount I ever reached was 142 dollars I was wondering how much you guys make in total from using apps on your phone
  2. B

    How to create multiple vultr and ocean accounts to receive testing offers

    I know about using virtual visa cards to create multiple accounts but I don't know how
  3. Sidsaini445

    Why does a person develop ego when they receive a higher position or designation?

    Hi! Like the title says. I believe that we are all human beings and should be friendly to everyone. I believe that what we do to others will come back to us in similar ways. So my question is, why does a person develop an attitude and tries to assert their power when they are in a position to...
  4. Y

    Does anyone know of a legitimate platform to sell minutes?

    I'm looking for a platform to sell minutes or to rent phone numbers.
  5. D

    How can I make this type of videos?

    Hey, what it's the simplest method to use IG voice sound? I see a lot of OF creators use sounds from others (e.g. "Hey step cousin, can I sit here?"), but on IG appears like 'original audio'. I'm new here, I don't know if I'm allowed to post links. Popular ig pages that do this...
  6. komandante

    Difference between buying aged USA account and creating one yourself?

    I am looking into USA TikTok and X/Twitter. There are a lot of sites that sell aged USA accounts for a cheap price, but looking here I also found out that a lot of people go through the hassle of buying a USA sim, a new phone, setting up VPN and proxies just to create a USA account (all these...
  7. csegenypeter

    How can I invest $200 and earn $40 a day?

    Hello! I would like to start a legal business with an initial investment of $200, where you can earn $40 per day after the fourth month. Only legitimate, legal businesses are interested. For the first 2-3 months I can do this for 2-3 hours a day. If you need to learn some skills, it's no...
  8. Z

    Question: Advertising FX in foreign Jurisdiction (regulated activities)

    Hi. As some of you may know, there exist laws pertaining to solicitation of clients. I will use USA as an example, but similar laws exist elsewhere. Securities Act 1934 section 15 ( will basically prohibit any solicitation if you...
  9. Y

    What would you with $20K?

    If you have $20K, how would you invest it? I need some ideas please.
  10. goodbye tobey

    How to invest 100$ online?

    So I have 100$ in my account and I want to invest it in some online business, I only got that amount and some advanced programming skills, What will u do if you were in my position?
  11. H

    Question about Porn Reupload

    First of all, I apologize for my bad English, it's not my native language so I try to write as well as possible. I recently started a method found here on the forum to make money, so called 'PORN REUPLOAD'. It's simple, I download clips from 1 specific site or more, and upload to 4 sites where...
  12. ekuin0x

    Affiliate marketing vs selling leads in 2024

    So basically I can create bots that scrape millions of verified emails from all over the internet (mainly businesses websites). I made a good amount of money selling these leads to affiliates but I see there's a huge potential if I used these leads myself, I can create landing pages, bots &...
  13. M

    what can you actually do here

    im mike found this site from a guy wich shares hacked apps and trying to see what’s this site about, if there are hackers?
  14. ekuin0x

    Programmers: What's a profitable API idea in 2024?

    I'm a programmer and I want to build an API, I have tons of ideas but I'm looking for something unique specially with the current AI trend. what are your thoughts ?
  15. plonk

    carrd + wp blog best SEO practice

    Hi, as topic states it im looking to understand what to do. I have a landing page on, this page is built on carrd. Now I want to write blog, carrd is not suited for that. I set up and installed WP on it. Now this sparked interest in SEO and I'm not sure, how...
  16. I

    I'm Sharing Adult Content On Reddit or Telegram, Can Im Safe With That ?

    Hey, I'm share The Leaked or Mms Videos on Reddit or Telegram With Monitized Short Link, I Take All Videos From Internet. So This Is Safe Or Not Please Reply me
  17. Rage47 scam?

    Hey guys, found out about their service, offering about 4 guides a month. Thought I'll give them a shot for inspiration, but besides the less than mediocre imo quality, they didn't deliver the quantity promised. Anybody knows about them and I'm in the wrong here or are they genuinely a scam?
  18. Frexxis

    I have a question about this forum

    Is it illegal to trade stolen accounts on this forum? Or request a stolen account?
  19. MichaelVConley

    Genuine question.

    What if your goal in life? What do you want to accomplish in life so you can have a long rest after fulfilling what you had in mind?
  20. leiramonin

    Panel views: Does source matter?

    Hello everyone, I've been using different panels for a while now, getting good traction on new channels several times and I just now noticed that I always go for "natural looking" view sources like browse/suggest/search. Recently, most of these views have dropped for me (might just be the...
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