1. pew.pew.pew

    Organic keyword and DR (Ahref)

    Hello, im new in SEO and kinda confuse about organic trafic, i saw some domain have very low DR but have many organic keyword already, but when i buy many backlink to my domain and DR already 20++ but still not single keyword appear. what affects organic keywords can appear ? sorry for my bad...
  2. phatscape

    I need help with this... I am worried.

    I need help with this... I am worried. Hello friends, I work with selling followers here in Brazil. However Meta is quite annoyed with this kind of business here and is filing a lawsuit against all sites. Fortunately, I have not been notified yet. However, I have been suffering with this...
  3. Noah3

    [Dumb Question] What are Total Number of Requests on hosting website??

    I know this is a silly question but when I look in my hostinger account I see thousands of requests per day separated by country and so I thought it was visitors and I rushed to put tracking and ads to get $$, but I got 4 clicks of which 3 are from me ahah and I got an astonishing 0.0007$ from...
  4. Z

    Hello people of BHW

    Hello people of BHW, after discovering this forum and lurking for around 20 minutes, I have decided to become a part of this glorious community of hard working people. My initial goal is making around 30$ per day. For starters, I would wish to incorporate one(just for starters) of these as my...
  5. W

    What is MySpace and is it possible to make money on MySpace with Affiliate or CPA marketing?

    Hey Everyone, I am new here and I want some info on My Space. My main concern is, Is it possible to make money on My Space with Affiliate or CPA marketing and what is meant by Monetization on My Space? Thank You, Ali
  6. Historyonfire

    Windows Systems Settings - Proxy Settings - Are there leaks?

    Hello, I am wondering if the windows 10 proxy settings in the win10 system settings are a good way to run proxies on my personal computer. Or will certain applications still be able to see my real IP? I guess what I'm asking is if there are leaks in the win10 proxy settings. Do I need to use...
  7. Tristin_Davies

    What degree did you get at university and what do you do now?

    So I just want to find out from you guys what degree did you obtain if you went to university and now what do you do for a living? Do you use your degree, did you use your degree?
  8. A

    Nigeria how do you make card payments with this CBN international policies...

    I have been trying for months now I have tried revolut Nigeria is not allowed, I have tried payday no verification through bug e. T c pls your guidance is needed. I want to opt-in for cloudaway coupon which requires me to upgrade but I can't link my card pls help!
  9. A

    Couple problems with site based on Wordpress (meta,sitemap and more)

    hey i am looking for help. I am having some problems with my wordpress site. Maybe someone got the answer to help me out? Please problem 1: after typing in google site: https://domainname - all indexed posts are displayed (their meta description is correct) as I wrote in seo yoast post meta...
  10. Qquuinn

    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED: Getting kicked out...

    TL;DR AT BOTTOM Hello again! There honestly isn't much exposition i can provide to you. I had a CPA journey here previously that i barely started and was unable to finish because this news was sprung on me. Here is the information i can provide to you: I am an 18 year old male in the USA. I...
  11. Martin Hagen

    3 pages ranking for the same keyword

    Hi Trying to rank for the main keyword in my niche. I have made it to top 10, but it's taking a bit to climb. And I noticed I have three different pages on my website ranking for the same keyword. Not intentionally of course. Here's the websites that are competing for the same main keyword...
  12. Ekooo

    I have a question about my keyword understanding

    Well Im kinda confused now since Im a SEO beginner. Does ranking for many side keywords increase the ranking of my target keyword? I started practicing on a shopify e cigarette page and when I started they ranked for just 150 words. Now they rank for like 300 in like 2 weeks. Will better...
  13. D

    Does snapchat allow cpa links to be used on their site as a traffic source

    I have used different social media as well as omegle to get a good amount of people to my fake snapchat account (+500 people) I tried sending links to my adult offers through snapchat, but they aren't appearing as clicks on my statistics page of crackrevenue. I'm writing to ask if snapchat has...
  14. K

    where does one find short clips ? for faceless channel

    I'm not talking about the free-stock videos you can easily find in Pexels, but the short clips from movies . Do they download the movie and clip the part they want to use by themselves or is there a big pool of these somewhere on the internet? Please enlighten.
  15. F

    I have snapchat traffic so what is the way to make it a gold mine ?

    This is traffic on Snapchat, and I was thinking about how to make money from it, but I want some suggestions from you or actual experiences that help me, and if you help me in that, I will not forget you, my friend. We can also open a business, you and I, if your ideas are proven or really...
  16. A

    [question] redirecting a domain in godaddy bought domain

    Hi, SUB: Redirecting a domain in GoDaddy bought domain, I added my first website URL in 'forward domain' option of GoDaddy bought domain. Further I replaced that with a second website URL afterwards. BUT when I tried to open the domain, it is redirecting to...
  17. Kiemash

    how many posts?

    Hello BHW, I'm relatively new to reddit and wanted to ask a question. Right now I have 2 accounts that each have 600 karma and are 1 month old, I bought them with 500 karma. For both i use Chrome browser on which I have a vpn. But let's get to the point 1. How many posts can I actually do with...
  18. Crypto Sinatra

    How to consistently generate leads for your clients?

    Hey everyone, I have a question for lead generation specialists. I have been a marketer for many years, and I'm aiming to start my own lead generation company, but I still struggle with this one question. "How do you consistently generate leads for your clients every month?" I want my leads...
  19. Crypto Sinatra

    Smart AI For Lead Generation?

    Does anyone know of a Smart AI that can search the whole internet, and different platforms(FB, Quora, etc.) for specific conversations, topics, or anything else that you're looking for. For example: If someone is having a conversions about Fedex not shipping right, and they are looking for...
  20. A

    is worthy if i create website like amazon?

    hello im thinking to buy a web like amazon but i have some question: 1 - Can i have success if i sponsored it just 10k euro in all social media? 2 - Is good option to add for example if somebody needs to be seller im going to get them a % if they sell a product 3 - is good to add ads from...