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Website monetization, help needed. No adsense.

Discussion in 'Other PPC Networks' started by parveenk2013, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. parveenk2013

    parveenk2013 BANNED BANNED

    Jun 22, 2013
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    Hey BHW users,

    I have got good social media traffic and i'm already working with some sites. Now i'm thinking to start my own website, but only thing i'm worried about is monetizing and getting advertisers.

    I need to achieve a good cpm to be in profit, i can get 1million+ impressions a day easily to website, High quality traffic.

    Example: bit.ly/websitezz

    So can anybody help in getting a good cpm? I'm ready to place ads from different advertisers too. I wanna get at least $5+ cpm from all ads on site.
    I know i can use adsense, adsense rates are best, but adsense is too risky, one of my partner recently lost $76k in his adsense account, got banned.
    70%-80% premium traffic(US, Uk, Canada, Australia), 1million+ impressions a day easily.

    I'm ready to pay who can help personally or be a partner, or just share your ideas below.

    Thanks in advanced,
    Sorry if any mistake and for bad english
  2. Adsplosion

    Adsplosion Registered Member

    Apr 27, 2015
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    $5 per 1000 pageviews seems a hard task -- unless you have a VERY engaging visitor base.