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Dec 21, 2022
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hello im new in here, and i have used the search box before i made this post however all threads i found are from 2012 even 2008 or so, the main purpose of gravedigging this topic is because as you know there are so many new technologies around, i.e. in the past wget and httrack were enough to get you a fully working website mirror. However with a lot of webmasters/coders/people using a lot of js or using WAF's have made cloning/mirroring a bit difficult now days. I was wondering if someone has achieved to succes with some tool/method or so copying a website that uses a lot of JS in its content without the need of using anything else but the tool, if yes would you mind to provide tool name? or a simple method (no spoonfeeding) just something like for example "in wget add this flag", use pycurl, or phpcurl with somekind of new plugin or whatever what i have tried httrack, cyotek website copyer, web assistant proxy offline, getleft, webcopy, webripper, tried to build my own in python , however when it comes to js no matter what websites get broken as for example if a website uses block=hide that part of the code becomes completely invisible on your clone, nevertheless if that part is protected by waf asking you for some special cookie generated by another iframe or so it becomes painfull. Hope you guys are in the mood in giving some new ideas as i assume i could not post target websites as copying copyrighted material is illegal hope someone finds the thread interesting
httrack and wget still most common tools to do it
look on github/reddit you will other niche tools hosted on github repos
usually if its complex/webmaster took steps to obfuscate things it means you need a skilled technician to de-obfuscate, reverse engineer, and put it all together best you can.
if youre stumped trying to clone something specific you can spend hours-days-weeks researching or just pay a freelancer couple bucks to knock it out fast. pay extra they may even tell you how.
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