1. P

    website mirroring

    hello im new in here, and i have used the search box before i made this post however all threads i found are from 2012 even 2008 or so, the main purpose of gravedigging this topic is because as you know there are so many new technologies around, i.e. in the past wget and httrack were enough to...
  2. jongmr

    how to set your website as a mirror of cpabuild

    Hello A few hours ago, I bought a domain. I want to set this domain as a mirror of cpabuild, so I changed my domain nameservers to cloudflare and added the dns record of cpabuild. From my computer, the website/mirror is working without a problem, but from one of my friend's computer, the...
  3. jongmr

    the best way to use a landing page for cpabuild

    as far as I know, there are 3 ways to use your landing page with cpabuild: deploy a landing page from cpabuild set your domain as a mirror of cpabuild upload and use an html landing page on your web hosting and lock your content with cpabuild Which method are you using and why?
  4. Jumanji917

    Will this be profitable

    Okay so I know some people in here know about these. They are called magic mirrors and can display time, date, calendar, weather, and upcoming events. I know how to make them cheap and fast. What if I were to mass produced and sell these? You guys think I can make a profit if I sell them cheap?
  5. S

    Looking for mirror generator

    I'm looking for mirror generator, which will steal all website. Could you suggest me something?
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