web-hosting in the UK??


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Dec 11, 2009
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Can anyone tell me of a good web-hosting company in the UK that would allow me to add several domains and not just one?

i use netfirms but thats when they have max offer on but they took it off
I would suggest looking at TSOHost or Vidahost - I use both and have had no problems.
Okay the prices are higher than US hosting but thats the UK for you!

http://www.tsohost.co.uk (or my aff link: http://some-more.info/about/tsohost)
http://www.vidahost.com (or my aff link: http://some-more.info/about/vidahost)

Out of the two I prefer TSOHost only because their support is round at stupid times of the day when I need them (record is 6 minute reply at 3.20am on a Sunday morning!)

Both use cPanel if that makes a difference.
vida host looks good for what I want - if I do get it I'll make sure to use your affiliate link. Cheers
I am using eukhost.com. Server is located in the UK. Singup under me and I am willing to give 50 % share of the aff revenue!;)
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34sp.com for normal hosting
justhost.com do the addon domains etc
well ideally I would like to get a hosting package with 5 C Class IP's or more so that when I create link-wheels there is less of a footprint between my sites - If that's not black hat SEO i'm sorry. cheers
I'm not sure about the UK but I use a really good Australian which I'm happy with.

99% uptime and their basic package is $1 a month which is about 50 pence. They give you 10 add on domains and 50gb bandwidth. Location shouldn't really matter, I currently live in the UK and everything works great. As does support.

If you want to be nice and sign up underneath my affiliate, here you go.


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