Web automation ideas?


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May 26, 2013

I am developing a web automation tool that let you make and distribute your own executables. (fast and small executables)
Its syntaxis is similar to iMacros and also will auto create scripts just by using browser and selecting which action that you want to do on any element by right clicking it.
You can, per example, fill, (auto generate username, auto generate email, auto generate password), click, scrape, use deathbycaptcha to solve captchas, submit, etc.
You will be able to catch popup windows and manage it, to use it in addmefast or any other site that uses popups.

Any good idea that you want to see in a tool like this?

I am just about to release a beta testing version in a week or two.

Thanks in advance.

*Also, beta testers, please keep an eye on this forum.
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So in simple you're going to be a competitor of uBot and ZennoPoster, check out these tools and combine the features in your tool.
I am trying to make a good or decent bot builder. It will grow with each new version (i will release weekly versions). Personally i feel that at this time is a MUST to have a flexible bot builder to be able to do great SEO.
That why i am asking for ideas, because maybe listening to peoples experience or needs i can add new and cool features.

Im not trying to be a competitor of nothing, but yes, maybe in a way i will be a competitor of that software you mention. I am starting and they are established ones, so i will start trying to make a very simple to learn but powerfull to run and small and fast distributable executables compiled with my software. Im just giving last touches before releasing beta test.
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