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Ways to monetize YouTube Livestreams

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by BluecoreG, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. BluecoreG

    BluecoreG Newbie

    Aug 17, 2015
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    Evening. I am looking for ways to monetize my YouTube Livestreams, other than YouTube Ads of course. I get around 1K views an hour depending on day and livestream content. I most stream games, but have been streaming a wide very of things from reactions to others. Any suggestions?
  2. Stansy

    Stansy Junior Member

    Jan 6, 2014
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    Depending on the game or games your streaming you might find that reaching out to related brands or sites is the way to go. If you're streaming Call of Duty for instance, get one of those promo codes for controllers or that stupid gaming energy drink mix. Since you're not HUGE (10k+ viewers) you might have to do a lot of manual work in searching for these opportunities, they probably won't just happen. I sat here thinking for a few minutes, "if I was a streamer and streamed different games to 1k audience what would I do?".

    1. Grow a FB audience.
    (just start getting likes to a page, you never know when or how you will need them in the future)
    2. Get a presence on all social media.
    (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, FB ^^)


    If you have a coined phrase you use eg "You just got REKT BIIIIIATCH!" put it on a t shirt and see if it sells. If you go this route realize many people don't want shirts with other people's names on them. Try just a phrase and a clever design accent or two, see what happens.

    If you take care of those first two steps you'll position yourself to succeed long term. Maybe one day you decide you want to branch out and start doing prank videos (or something else unrelated) you'll have an instant audience. Basically if you dream to have a large YouTube channel anytime in the future I would do those things.

    However, if you want money NOW there are other options.

    3. Play obscure/unknown games.
    (stream some weird games and try to refer your viewers to that game. That's assuming you could get an affiliate set up with the game's publisher or something like that)
    4. Scout out upcoming games.
    (Is there something HUGE coming out in a few months? Position yourself to be the go-to YouTuber for that game. Say Black Hat World 4 is coming out in 4 months and you know it's going to be massive, start making videos talking about it, create videos related to that game, get your audience to start associating you with THAT game. When Black Hat World 4 releases catch as many people looking for that game on YouTube as you can!)
    5. Think about aggressively growing your audience NOW so you can cash in LATER
    (If you've got patience now's the time to use it. Do everything you can to grow your audience as much as you can. Get on Twitch if you want, whatever will get your stream in front of as many people as possible. I'm not 100% familiar with streaming on YouTube but if there are opportunities to stream with other streamers I would do that. Have guests, show your audience some other streamers if they return the favor. Network and grow)