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    Hey guys,

    I've seen dozens of questions lately in the forum,
    mostly people complaining of their low income with
    Clickbank, some users still struggling to make their
    first sale.

    The sad truth is that not many people are taking action
    but that's a different story. (I guess they probably don't have
    a clue about how much money there's to be made).

    This thread is dedicated to Video Marketing solely that
    is by far one of the easiest methods to generate traffic
    to your affiliate offers. Video marketing is not only
    effective, free but less time consuming that all the other
    methods put together, and yet not many people are taking
    advantage. I've been using Youtube for almost two years
    to promote my affiliates sites and made a lot of money too.

    Everyone's looking for "easy ways" to generate traffic but
    as everyone knows you'll need targeted traffic to bring the
    highest conversions. Search engine optimization is an on-going
    process, that's very time consuming, article marketing whilst
    very effective it can be quite costly and time consuming ..
    yet many people end giving up fast.

    That's exactly what many of you haven't realized is that video
    marketing is by far one of the most effective and efficient ways
    to drive traffic to your site without spending a dime.

    A lot of regular Internet users are using Youtube to look for all
    different sorts of products, ranging from digital to psychical goods,
    that's why I like to call it "The Video Search Engine". Videos are
    tailored made to set off emotional triggers in viewers and if you
    haven't implemented in your campaigns you should do straight

    It's not a secret anymore, and you may have noticed already
    that videos in general are everywhere in the marketing medium.
    (from small to top marketers everyone's using them.

    Q. Have you ever wondered why?

    A. The benefits are endless in video marketing...

    1) First of all.., videos will give you more credibility and WILL
    turn higher conversions than any other marketing techniques
    if done correctly.

    2) Youtube ranks very well on Google, yet many of your videos
    might be featured on the first page and get a ton of targeted traffic
    if you use the right keywords as your tags and in the description.

    3) Great/Interesting/Quality Videos can go viral if you promote
    them in the social media. (First you have know your audience and if
    there are potential customers in the niche that you're promoting)

    Problem is, not everyone has the capabilities to edit or create
    their own videos..

    Nothing to worry, I rarely make my own movies because I don't have
    the required skills either.. But you can always use some of the already
    existing videos on Youtube (use youtube downloader to download them).

    Or outsource your videos for as low as $10 - $20 - $30 per video ..

    There's two ways to link from an Youtube video to your affiliate site..
    You can either watermark your videos or add your domain in the short
    description of your videos. (or you can do both)

    It's very similar as you would do in article marketing but a lot more
    effective and less time consuming.

    TIP! Youtube's not the only video sharing website (it's by far the largest
    but there are tons of other similar services online that you can
    take advantage of. I personally use to
    distribute my videos.

    > What you say ?

    Feel free to add more tips and share your experiences with
    video marketing.
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    I agree that video marketing is easy and effective.

    Don't take that to mean you should drop everything else and only do video marketing. But if you're not doing it... you should start including it into your marketing mix.

    Example: I uploaded a video only to YT (music video). I did a link wheel (web2.0 properties pointing to YT video). I ordered 'guaranteed traffic' to YT video. YT video shows on page 1 (next to the original artist video). Minimal effort. Didn't do it for $ - just to make the 14 year old girl who created the video smile... :)

    I was just wanting the YT views to increase for her to be happy. But when I saw it on page 1 next to the "real" video - Wow! Really opened my eyes to the power of including video into the mix.

    Like anything else, some will work and some won't - which is the beauty of automation or outsourcing.

    This girl simply used the Windows Movie Maker that is free for PCs. And if you have a Mac you get iMovie free. Both are simple to learn even for a noob. So you really have no excuse. Plus if you just want to pound out watermarked vids from others there are tools here to help with that also.

    Don't try to make $5,000 your first day... just play around with it and see what works for your business/method of making $.

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    This is a free, open source video player.

    Create a simple video player here for your own site, no logos or hidden links:

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    anyone have a good list of video sites to submit videos too...
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    Precious007: You hit the bullseye! This is exactly how I market CB affiliate offers. As a matter of fact I did not make my first commission unitil I started using youtube. I highly recommend it for newbies struggling to make commissions.