Urgent! PLEASE I need scrapebox expert or freelancer

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    I have been here fo a few months reading and reading as I have seen, the best way to learn is to keep reading and when you feel confident enough you start to test. However I find out that there are some thing missed out or not mentioned between the lines that y I decided to ask.

    -When scraping with free proxies and a slow internet connection, google never seems to harvest anything, results only come from yahoo. Why?

    -How relevant should your comment/backlinks/forum profiles and anchor text really be to your niche/keyword/market? hope that makes sense.

    -Say i have 10k AA blog list, how many times can/should blast that list to the same web 2.0, Articles. Just thinking of the penalties if any posting to the same blog twice. But i assume if the comments are different at the different times of commenting/posting, it wouldnt matter.

    -do forum profiles get blasted by SB, or just the anchor text in profile signature? hope that makes sense.

    -Major problem I have with SB is the footprint/custom footprint. I have a major misunderstanding with what goes where.
    say i have a custom footprint like:

    "powered by vBulletin" "In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules"

    Would I write that In the custom footprint box, the fill in my keywords? or do I put the Foot print in the keyword area with the keyword next to it? something like:

    "powered by vBulletin" "In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules" "Keyword"

    These are the few questions I have found a bit difficult to comprehend, i have learn Linkwheels /link push, I am yet to experiment, just want to get some facts right before i launch an attack, Hope you guys don't find my thread offensive as I have read and read and these infos ha ve eluded me.