Twitter Banned Your Accounts ( READ THIS ) !!

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    Hey Guys,

    More and more affiliates and internet marketers getting banned from twitter , but what if i told you there is a new way to make money online.


    1. Members can set their account to post in Facebook and Twitter when they post a status update.
    2. Facebook & Twitter integrations for easy registration and login. Users are able to share each public post to Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Delicious and much more.
    3. includes API for developers which is compatible with already existing applications designed for the Twitter API. You can use third party Apps which support custom Twitter-compatible APIs.
    4. Receive your friends' Twitter RSS feeds. You can also filter them so only topics that interest you will be published in your network.
    5. utomatically import content from RSS/Atom feeds to your profile or groups. Imported feeds can be filtered, so only the interesting stories get published in your network. Real-time aggregation based on the PubSubHubBub protocol.
    6. Users are able to upload multiple multimedia files in a single status update. Video, image, files and link can be included in one post.
    7. The Business Card feature allows you to quickly connect with and learn about a member simply by holding the mouse over their username. A user's Business Card displays their groups, and allows you to follow, private message, or create a public post directed at that user.
    8. On the platform's dashboard, users can follow all updates from their network connections in real time. Users can also see who's online, currently trending post tags and more.
    9. Advanced theme engine. design your own theme from any url picture online.

    You don't need to be worried about getting banned or even over sending tweets every seconds. the network made for businesses to promote and advertise there products and affiliate businesses.

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    PS: Spamming will get your account banned.