google plus

  1. F

    Looking for someone to post links to Google+

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can post 100+ links to different Google+ Communities without being banned or ghosted. I'm looking for someone who has experience specifically with Google+ and has G+ accounts that have history and followers. PM me your price and details. Thanks
  2. MMJason

    [WTH] Freelancer who posts google+ reviews

    I am looking for a freelancer who can rate and leave a review on google plus. I will give you the rating and the text you need to do for the locations that I want you to rate. If you use a proxy, please make sure that it's a proxy from western europe or from the UK to make sure that the review...
  3. MMJason

    [WTH] Freelancer who can do google+ reviews

    I am urgently looking for a freelancer who has a few google+ accounts and can review some local services that are on google. I will give you the link to the local service, the amount of stars to give and what kind of text. I will pre write the text for you. If you can create google+ accounts...
  4. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Where to get real profile pictures?

    I'm looking for bulk profile pictures which I can use to create social media accounts. Requirements for the pictures: - Woman only - Faces must be clearly visible - Real persons (no fake/unrealistic) - Never used on social media before - At least 3 different pictures for each person What not...
  5. GoblinM

    Looking for google plus shares !

    Im looking for 5000 google plus real shares, so they should come from 5000 different accounts, are you able to do that ? My budget 70$
  6. TrillDappy

    Python selenium, google plus automation.

    Hello BHW, I am a total noop in this form, not sure if this is the write place for such a post. Anyways, I have been learning python for the last 3 months and I have written some scripts to automate social media posting and scraping. Most of my scripts use selenium chrome driver for browser...
  7. S

    I need to get an email address from someone's Google Plus profile

    Someone gave me a 1 star rating on my Google Plus Business Page. They have been harassing me on FB too and I have blocked them and they deleted their account. I would like to find out who this person is so I can have my lawyer send them a letter. I know I have never done business with them.
  8. rax69

    Is there anyone, who can help me to get real traffic, over my social media channels?

    Hey, I need Indian traffic, as well as of some other countries too, like Dubai, USA, UK, Japan, etc. as per some age categories, and some niche categories. Need to understand, the quality of work too. The requirement as following: for first phase: Facebook/ Twitter/ Insta/ Reddit/ Youtube/...
  9. autodream

    google plus vs youtube community

    hi everyone does google plus have the same rules of youtube community guidlines reguarding spam and fake content and the account may be deleted after a few strikes?
  10. qwertzui11

    Creating Social Profiles the right way

    I am now creating profiles for my money site. If I can place a link to somewhere like: Google+, Fb, Insta, Stumbleupon, Moz, Linkedin etc... Should it point only to the Homepage? Wouldnt be good if some juice (yes I know, that the links are nofollow...) will be pointing to the inner pages as...
  11. methos

    looking for 4000 Google Plus Shares

    Hi, Looking for 4000 google plus shares with a fixed price $50 that what i used to pay for my old provider but now he is in a vacation! Please PM me if you can provide that, and of course you need to be known in this forum or have a good reputation! Thanks
  12. FORSAK3N

    Google reviews

    anyone looking to exchange google reviews in lots of three? Also still looking for a few yelp exchanges ... you know what to do
  13. ergoprime

    How Long Does Google Plus Shadow Ban You?

    I experiment a bit with Google Plus, but unfortunately I got all of my accounts shadow banned, because I configured the wrong settings on my Social Media Management Tool and posted dozen of posts per group per account on one day.... Does anyone know how long a shadow ban from G+ lasts? Should I...
  14. S


    Please who can teach me social media marketing and how to offer the service on fiverr. Thanks
  15. letmesleep

    Google Plus post rank in Google

    My one post is rank in Google plus with one name keyword and on that keyword has many searches from only USA country ... But after few days my Google plus post going down. How I can make stable Google plus post on one place in Google ? I should make backlinks of Google plus post ? With GSA...
  16. smmsnakes

    SMM Panel - Buy Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud...Wide range of targeted services!

    With SMM Snakes you can buy likes, followers, Facebook comments, cheap followers for Instagram, favorites, retweets, YouTube views and likes, SoundCloud plays and downloading, Periscope, Mixcloud, Google+, LinkedIn and many more. All of your choice. Below we provide the full range of our...
  17. M

    Please help about Google Plus

    I am sorry I can not find a place to put the issue I want site consolidates the link within the image so that it appears on Google Plus image and when the pressure is on the visitor's conversion to the site and thank you
  18. Jonathan1701

    Google + Looking for an automation tool for pages

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knew of an automated tool (like MeetEdgar) to post to Google Plus pages. I'd rather not use Hootsuite as it becomes a hassle having loads of accounts?
  19. Mominul Islam

    How I can find out my niche related social group

    Hi, I am new at SMM. I want to know how I can find out my niche related social group or profile. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus. Is there any tool? Please help me. I also want to know is there any tool by which I can find out my niche related Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google...
  20. bluecoder

    Crowd Social Signals Platform - Suggestions/Requests

    Hi, We are working on a .net based desktop tool which is going to act as a crowd social signal platform. This is just a ALPHA stage of the tool where we are still working on the finishing stage and soon it will be released for the BETA testing to BHM members. so before we release the BETA to...
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