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    Alright guys, I'm VERY new here, and I don't really have a lot of experience, but I still wanted to contribute something... so I guess this is for people similar to myself: stuff I wish I knew earlier in life. I was inspired by a question asked by another user in the PPC/Adsense section.

    SEO Cloaking is displaying to a search spider or bot information that's different than what the user experiences.

    I call it Physical Cloaking when I use slight variations on addresses to fake multiple accounts. I do this to start up multiple accounts with Google adsense/adwords, Affiliate Networks, or even to get an indefinite "trial" from gamefly.

    Just remember if you're accessing the same account from the same IP address you'll get found out, especially if you have a pattern of doing it. So make sure to sign in from different external IP addresses. I've also used some accounts exclusively from a mobile phone or tablet, or accessed certain accounts exclusively from Starbucks or McDs or Public Libraries.


    -Same Physical address different apartment number
    If you live in a HOUSE (not an apartment) you can say "Apartment A" or "Apartment 1." As long as your account is not manually investigated you can get away with this, but it's my least favorite and most dangerous way to do this. If you live in an apartment throw an A before your number. If you're apartment 21, and you send it to A21 the only person that will know that apartment doesn't exist is the mailman, who will use common sense and put it into 21's mailbox.

    -Variations of City
    You can use East/West/South/North in front of your city. If you live in Glendale CA, you can use East Glendale, West Glendale, etc in the "City" Field. It will get to you just the same. Obviously don't do this if you're using variations that have officially named variations. If you live in Pasadena, don't use "South Pasadena" because South Pasadena is a recognized neighborhood within Pasadena.

    -Using a neighborhood/county/city
    If you live in Brookline MA you can use Suffolk (County), Brookline, OR Boston for your city and it will all go to the same place. Just use an accurate Zip (this goes for the previous tip as well)

    -Neighbor or Abandoned/on-the-market House
    Even if you don't know the residents, how much incorrect mail do we get on a regular basis? Nobody opens it, calls to complain or stop it... it goes from the mailbox onto the end table for 4 months and then into the trash. If you send it to an abandoned/on-the-market house all you need to do is pick up the mail. If you get caught just tell them that the company you're working with are incompetent and can't get the address correct. I did this with empty houses throughout my childhood with stolen credit cards to order stuff online. What you're doing is much less illegal than identity theft so you should be fine.

    -PO Box
    Register the smallest size PO box at the post office. I got mine for 15/month. If you're signing up for a service that doesn't allow PO boxes you can still do this!

    If your PO box is 215, use the post office's address as the address, and just put STE 215. The corporation sending it will think they're sending this to suite 215 of a business complex. This makes you look like a bigger, more trustworthy entity and hides your identity at the same time. Just don't give them incentive to Google the address!

    MISC Phone TIP:
    If you're posting on Craigslist, and within the description you write an email address, Craigslist can detect this. If you put the same email within the description too many times or in too many locations within a time period, you're at risk to be ghosted. To get around this just put a +1 at the end of your email (before the at sign). the email will ignore anything after the plus and still send to the email specified. Switch this up with every post and it might make it easier to see which emails come from which cities (+1 is NYC, +2 is LA, etc.)

    Unconfirmed Phone Tip:

    I haven't done this or tested this myself, but presumably you might be able to trick them by giving yourself a bonus extension at the end of your phone number. "Ext 1." If it all goes to the same phone anyhow, a person will dismiss the lack of phone directory and a computer will just press 1 after you pick up. If anybody's tried this let me know!
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