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    This may have been shared already but I had a look and I couldn't find it. If it has please delete this thread.

    What this involves is searching all the pages of the website to see if the download page is there. Just type into google
    ,or what ever the website is, and browse through the pages. There should be less than 10 for most websites selling products.

    Another trick I found for tradebit is to search for the entire description of the product in google. This does not work very often but because most ebooks on tradebit are not original, they have resale rights or plr, many of them come with sales pages that the seller uses as they are too lazy to write their own.

    Finally, the chances are that somebody has uploaded the product to mediafire if it has been available for a week or longer. So I use
    It searches for mediafire links that have the name of the product in them and will list them for you.

    I will not guarantee that you will find what you want but it is worth trying these before creating a download request.
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