1. L

    Amazon Seller Central Expert

    I have amazon Seller central account i want to reupload other peoples Products with my own brand store name so is it Possible i am new to amazon need some suggestions Thank You
  2. A

    How I create backgrounds for products using Claid AI

    I just did a product shoot in Claid AI for a pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid I bought on the Nike ZA store. This post will demonstrate how to create consistently professional product images without having the equipment, skills, or knowledge of photography to make this happen. Step 1: Upload the...
  3. T

    Shopify Product Preview - Before release

    Hello everyone! Glad to be a part of the BHW, I specialize in creating shopping bots using Selenium, Playwright etc.. using Python. I've been making this bot for a while now and I was just told by someone that it's possible to see the products before they are released on the website. They...
  4. L

    Need Help in instagram shop

    My instagram shop button is not appearing every thing is connected properly still its not appearing can any one please guide me how to make this button appear ?
  5. notkiell

    Product ideas for dropshipping

    Does anyone have a list of products that are currently selling a lot with dropshipping, or if you can tell me a way to find these products manually I would be very grateful i am planning to open a dropshipping store and even though i have studied a bit i have no idea what i am going to sell
  6. Jabbz18

    Tips on doing eccommerce SEO when you have A LOT of products

    Hi all, Doing SEO currently on an eCommerce site and have managed to hit some decent keywords, the issue is it's a MASSIVE niche with Thousands of products. I've done bulk writing of meta titles and descriptions using tags to start with. However, in the long run, I need everything to be unique...
  7. K

    new campaign...

    Hello everyone! I need your advice. If you run a business where you have several different products and you want to try a new promotional campaign, what product you should start your campaign with - a popular one or a new one?
  8. Nancy224

    Effective strategy to sell products online

    In the online world people often care about the authenticity of the product/service. It is not easy to trust the quality of products online. So what must be done in order to convince people to buy your product/ service. The important thing is the reviews. If you have real reviews that proves...
  9. underground-rap

    What are some good services / products to resell?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out what is worth to resell atm. Personally, I am a graphics designer, filmmaker, marketer and web dev. so I can provide a lot. I also run an agency, but I just got started with it so I barely have clients. A good way to stack is reselling other Services. I was able...
  10. L

    Google merchant center help

    What are the requirements of verifying in google merchant center can some one please help me in this thank you
  11. lambomercy

    Promoting Branded on Google ads

    Hi bhw’ers is there a way to promote Branded products on google shopping ads? my last account got suspended even though I see tons of shopping ads for this product.
  12. L

    Question from wordpress expert

    I want to make wordpress ecommerce website which plugin is used to add automated products in my website and from where i will add the automated products aliexpress alibaba amazon can some one please clear my confusion Thank You
  13. L

    Wordpress Question from experts

    How to add a page from which user will come and upload there images with some detaisl or upload there products Thank You
  14. Max Kirschner

    [Rant]I hate false promises of internet riches

    I hate being poor Whatever I do on the internet to make money, it fades away. I have no idea how you can get rich on the internet. I write a blog post and after some time nobody comes anymore, not to mention buy my products on the website, be it affiliate or not. Once a week someone comes to...
  15. S

    [Blog-Like] My beginner journey as an eBay Dropshipper.

    Hey! How are you? I'm pretty excited for what's going to happen today: I'll start my journey in eBay Dropshipping! I know many of you think that it is really difficult to go through as there are several problems like the accounts that must be aged and so on. Well, I have an aged account and I...
  16. MonteCarlos

    Where the heck they found so many monkeys?

    Authorities discovered a warehouse with 50 Tones of fakes here in Greece... And the question is, where the hell they got all these stuff from? Is there an online resource for fakes that I have missed, or they are just going to China to close such huge deals? Probably there are 50k items in...
  17. Nour47eddine

    How about this idea? what should I do?

    Hello everyone first of all, I'm actually very honored to write this thread and put my question here in front of the IM elites, truly this forum never ceases to amaze since 2011 when I first found it :) So, I saw someone offering his website for sale and after scoping over it's analytics...
  18. L

    success storis for selling in amazon

    Any success stories for selling in amazon like how did they start? how did they grow? how big are they today in terms of sales through Amazon? etc. ?
  19. L

    Need help in research

    Please little little help will give me some ideas if you can help me in this down below We are a private equity firm in diligence with a sports nutrition company that sells through Amazon (as a third party seller on its marketplace). Before we make any investments, we'd like to see if...
  20. L

    Product code shopify

    where to put product code in shopify and where to write full pack and single pack ?
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