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Feb 18, 2010
I don't know if here is the right place to this thread, but as I did not find anyone specific I am posting here. If necessary you can move it to the right place.

I have a blog where I use to post weight loss content. This blog is not optimazed, it's URL are not related, and I don't installed any plugin to SEO purposes.

At Cpanel stats, this month I had around 6,100 unique visitors. Few days ago I installed StatCounter to check this data and it shows only around 10 visits/day. Each day there are a big difference between them and I believe Cpanel stats are not true.

Any help to clarify to me ?

my best regards
The cPanel stats are probably either AWStats or Webalizer, and both of those systems are notoriously optimistic in their reporting.

StatCounter and other analytics packages (such as G-Analytics) use JavaScript browser detection to ensure that an actual visitor is visiting with an actual web browser.

The stats packages included with cPanel do not utilize this JavaScript code, but rather they read hits directly from the Apache log file. As a result, you are probably seeing visits from bots and scrapers in the cPanel package that StatCounter filters out.

AWStats and Webalizer are easily fooled by scripts - do a search here for "referrer spam".
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