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Torrent PPD The Safe Way

Discussion in 'Torrents' started by rockwell, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. rockwell

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    Feb 12, 2014
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    I'm starting my first torrent PPD project soon and I wanted to share what I know about anonymity and hopefully crowdsource some info for myself and everyone else who might find this thread. I've been in IT for a while and online privacy is important to me. I'm looking at all the ways one could get in trouble and how to stay as hidden as possible. There have been scores of articles written about anonymous torrenting so I won't go there but this still leaves a lot of questions for us black hatters.

    An example
    Lets take a simple example. Lets say you create a torrent with your file of choice (password protected or not, there are many methods and that's not the point of this discussion) and a readme.txt with your PPD (or your CPA squeeze page if you're doing CPA) link in it. They download the torrent, see your sexy readme.txt and feel compelled from the bottom of their soul (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) to go to your link and download whatever gift from the gods you have promised them. They take the survey/offer/whatever and you get paid. Simple, right? Maybe.

    That depends on how far the copyright trolls and Big Brother is willing to go. Almost every copyright troll will stop at your ip address (the low hanging fruit), so using a vpn should make you totally safe just like all the articles say, right? Well, maybe.

    Real info or faked?
    Do you use your real info on your vpn? How do you pay for your vpn? It would be easy for them to attain your name and address from your vpn or paypal (or God forbid you used a credit or debit card).

    So you faked your vpn info and paid with bitcoins. Good job! But wait...what about that link in your readme.txt?

    What about the PPD (Pay Per Download for you newbies), do you enter your real info there? Now this one I honestly do not know and would love to hear some opinions on. What do you currently do?

    Could they trace you to your PPD and get your info? YES, of course! Are they going to? I really do not know but I doubt it. If you have uploaded hundreds or maybe thousands of torrents you could become a big enough target and maybe then they would consider it worth it. Most PPD's require your real info but it's not like they actually check that stuff, but if they find out they will ban your account and there goes all your hard work. PPD ban = starting all over.

    Getting paid
    Next is your PPD's payment method. I assume using paypal to get paid would be pretty stupid. Paypal is a pain for this sort of stuff and requires a lot of verification and linking to bank accounts for any real amount of transfers. Paypal is like saying "here I am, this is my bank account, come find me."

    What is the safest payment method out there then? Really I do not know, this is something I hope others more experienced than I have an answer to. You have a lot of options and I have some opinions but I would rather get some advice from someone more experienced than I.

    Skrills, PayQuicker, Payza, and Payoneer are the big four. Wire transfer is very expensive but usually available. Most will cut you a check but that's pretty much the exact opposite of anonymous. Advice is more than welcome.

    If you can find a good PPD that pays in bitcoins you're all set. Unfortunately I have not been able to find one (maybe a huge opportunity for someone to own a niche market? I know I would use it!).

    What do you think?
    So, is all this worth worrying about? I think so. By using a VPN, monitoring your VPN for drops, and fixing any DNS leaks you remove yourself from being low hanging fruit but is that enough? You decide. I would really really love to hear your opinion and advice on this.
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