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    I have found these tools and its yours to share

    Top 100 list of SEO tools which can be useful for your website

    The link to all these tools here:

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    Website Value Calculator
    Check the value of a website and all the details about specific domain.

    Google and Alexa Traffic Rank
    View Google and Alexa traffic ranking

    Google Banned Checker
    Discover whether a website is banned on Google.

    Ranking Checker
    Check your Google pageRank and Alexa ranking, also suggests how to raise them.

    Google Fake Rank Checker
    Check to see if a website is illegally faking their Google PageRank.

    Multiple Rank Checker
    Check your PR, Alexa, Yahoo, Msn ranking and backlinks linking to a website.

    Google Datacenter Search
    See Google's search engine results form 32 Google data centers.

    Alexa Comparison Chart
    View Alexa traffic ranking chart

    CPM Advertising ROI Calculator
    This calculator measures your ROI (return on investment).

    Page Rank Button Generator
    Add PageRank button to your website pages & see your PR on your website.

    Keyword Density Checker
    Analyze a websites to view the optimum keyword distribution.

    Index Checker
    Check how many of your site's pages are indexed in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

    Keyword Suggestion Tool
    Find related keywords matching your search.

    Broken Link Checker
    Scans a web page and find any broken links.

    Keyword Finder
    Find keywords present in meta tag of any website

    Reciprocal Link Checker
    Check your reciprocal links to see if link partners are still linking back to your site.

    Multiple Keyword Search Position
    Check multiple keyword search position in Google, Yahoo and Msn.

    Link Suggestion
    Find links related to your website contents.

    Competition Research
    See the current ranking of your top competitors across all top search engines.

    Link Popularity
    Retrieve a number of backlinks of a specific website from search engines.

    URL Redirect Checker
    Check if a site is using a redirect, & if so, whether or not it's search engine friendly.

    Backlink Checker
    Find a list of backlinks linking to a specific website.

    Visual Pagerank Checker
    Check the pagerank of each page that you have a link to on your web page.

    Link Extractor
    Link Extractor shows you a variety of details about the links on a webpage.

    Browser Details
    View your browser and internet details.

    No Follow Checker
    Check if a webpage containes no follow code.

    Keyword in Top Websites
    Find keyword query in top search engines, directories, local, blogs & media websites

    View HTTP Headers
    Extract and view the HTTP Headers of a web page.

    Meta Tag Analyzer
    Analyze the meta tags of any website & see if the contents are SE friendly or not.

    Spider View
    This tool enables you to view a perpective from a search engine spider.

    Meta Tags Generator
    Generate a professional meta tags for your website page(s).

    7:9 Code to Text Ratio
    The Code to Text Ratio, represents the percentage of actual text in a web page.

    Advanced Meta Tags Generator
    Generate an advanced meta tags for your website page(s).

    Lorem Ipsum Generator
    This tool enables you to generate lorem ipsum content for webpage.

    Webpage Analyzer
    Analyze the contents of a webpage.

    Crontab Entry Generator
    Generate a crontab line using this tool.

    Robot Text Generator
    Use this tool to generator the meta tag for robots

    Source Code Viewer
    View website details such as; text, title, description, keywords, links & htm source.

    Robot Syntax Checker
    Use this tool to check the robots text file for a website.

    Dreamweaver Code Cleaner
    Clean un-needed codes created by Macromedia Dreamweaver

    Class C Checker
    Check whether some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP Range.

    Frontpage Code Cleaner
    Clean un-needed codes created by Frontpage.

    Spam List Checker
    Check if an IP address is listed as a spam.

    Password Generator
    Generate a strong password.

    Advanced .htaccess Editor
    Generate and edit your .htaccess files.

    Email Encrypter
    Reduce the number of spam emails, by encrypting your email address.

    .htaccess Ban Generator
    Generate htaccess file to ban certain IPs

    Website Speed Test
    Find out how fast your website loads.

    .htaccess Password Generator
    Generate all the necessary codes needed to protect a directory via .htaccess.

    Quick Domain Lookup
    Check a website age, speed, pagerank, Alexa ranking, Google rank and More.

    Search Engine Position
    Check your search engine positions on Google, Yahoo and Msn Search Engines.

    Instant Domain Availability Checker
    Check for available domain names.

    Directory Listing Checker
    This tool will help you to check if you are listed in Yahoo and Domz directories.

    Instant Bulk Domain Availability Checker
    Check for bulk available domain names.

    Search Engines and Directories
    This tool will help you to check our updated top search engines & directories.

    Domain Name Generator
    This tool will help you to generate a domain name.

    IP Location
    Determine the country by an IP address or a domain name.

    Domain Age Checker
    This tool will help you to check the age of any website.

    Reverse IP/Look-up
    Reverse IP Look Up Shows the IP address that a website originates from.

    Email Signature Generator
    Generate a signature for your email account.

    What is my IP
    View your IP Address.

    Text to Image Converter
    Convert any text into an image, convert your email, name etc into an image.

    View the details and availability of any Domain name

    Instant Flash Banner Maker
    Create professional flash banners in no time with our Instant Flash Banner Maker.

    IP Whois
    Identify the details of a domian name by providing an IP address.

    Websafe Color Tool
    Calculate the closest color in the 216 color web-safe palette to the hex colour.

    Determine Country From IP
    Determine the country by an IP address.

    Color Converter
    This tool gives you the hexadecimal HEX values of your RGB colors and vice versa.

    Server Status
    Check HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, & MYSQL accessibilty status for a domain name.

    Gradient Image Maker
    Create gradient images for your webpages

    Text Difference Tool
    This tool enables you to perform visual comparison of txt files and source codes.

    Image Optimizer
    Optimize your images quality into 100% 90% 70% 50% 30% and 10%.

    Advanced Text Difference Tool
    This tool enables you to perform visual comparison of txt files and source codes.

    Screen Resolution Comparison
    This tool is intended to see how a page would look in different screen resolutions.

    Html and CSS Tester
    This tool will help you to test your CSS online.

    Favicon Generator
    Use this tool to Generate a Favicon for your website.(JPG Only)

    HTML Converter
    Convert HTML text , or any other text into PHP, ASP, and JS.

    Advanced Favicon Generator
    Use this tool to Generate a Favicon for your website.(JPG - GIF -PNG)

    SEO Dictionary
    SEO and marketing industry related keywords with their definitions.

    Tiny Link
    Shorten any long URL/Link to a tiny one

    Privacy Policy Generator
    Generate a professional privacy policy page for your website with just one click.

    FAQ Page Generator
    Generate a professional Frequently Asked Questions page for your website.

    Terms & Conditions Generator
    Generate professional terms and conditions page for your website.

    Word and Character Counter
    Use this tool to count the number of characters/words on your webpage.

    Cloaker Generator
    Generate a Cloak HTML Code for a web site.

    Pop up Window Generator
    Generate pop up windows with various options such as menu bars, toolbars, etc

    Unlimited Sitemap Generator
    Generate unlimited XML sitemap files for your website.

    Anonymous Link Generator
    Generate anonymous links to connect to any website anonymously.

    Forum and Community
    Join our forum group and share your ideas and news with webmasters and users.

    Free Twitter Buttons Creator
    Create your free unique twitter button and place it on your website(s) or blogs.

    Twitter Signature Generator
    Create Dynamic Signatures from your latest tweets, which update in realtime.

    Twitter Score
    Twitter Score provides a quality score ranking for your twitter profile.

    CSS Generator
    Use the CSS Generator to create a CSS file for your website style.

    HTML Encryptor
    Encrypt your HTML code and protect your website contents

    Advanced CSS Generator
    Use the Advanced CSS Generator to create a professional CSS file.

    HTML Optimizer
    Optimize your web pages and HTML codes

    CSS Validator
    Validate your CSS files using the CSS Validator tool.

    HTML Validator
    Use the HTML Validator to validate your HTML web pages.

    Table Maker
    Create a quick table for your web pages.

    Quick HTTP Headers Viewers
    View the HTTP header for any URL using the Quick HTTP Headers Viewer.

    Advanced Table Maker
    Create a quick tabel for your web pages.

    Quick Spider View
    Quick Spider View will allow you to see how search engines bot view your site.

    Quick Meta Tag Viewer
    View the meta tag for any URL with the Quick Meta Tag Viewer.

    Color and Font Picker
    This tool will help you to decide the correct colors & fonts for your web design.

    Link Popularity Comparison
    Use this tool to compare links popularity in Google and Alltheweb.

    Drop Down Menu Maker
    Use this tool to create a professional drop down menu for your website.

    Links Finder
    Links Finder tools can help you to find all links within a specified URL.

    Mouseover Menu Maker
    Create a javascript mouseover menu with the Javascript Mouseover Menu maker.

    The link to all these tools here:

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