seo tools

  1. tattooedbuddha

    Thoughts on SERanking?

    I'm looking into trying out the SERanking tool to streamline audits & keyword tracking, would love to hear the experienced thoughts of our BHW members on this tool before committing to it though. What are your thoughts on it? Good experiences, bad experiences, let me know :) I am not...
  2. TechEinstien

    What are the must-have SEO Tools?

    What are the must-have tools that are important? Scrapebox is one. Please tell the rest of it.
  3. Websettled

    Free SEO Ai Tools

    Hello, guys certainly there are some Ai tools for SEO research and optimization, but I think together we can Let the Ai's down in terms of SEO. Free AI Tools for SEO Keyword Research UberSuggest Free AI Tools for SEO Analysis Google Search Console Moz Keyword Explorer SEMrush...
  4. L

    Do you use any tools to check competitors' backlinks & their budgets for backlinks?

    Hi guys! Do you use any tools to analyze types, number and costs of competitors' backlinks? It's so time-consuming to manualy check bl profiles, loaded from different kind os SEO apps (Semrush, Ahrefs), then to clusterize them and estimate the cost. But clients always want to know how much...
  5. C

    Where can I find good DA PA domains for PBN

    Hello Guys, Please suggest where I can find good DA PA domains for making PBNs. Your input will be valuable.
  6. bartsmit

    Gonna get crazy about this decision (SEO)

    Hi guys, Sorry to interupt but I really am getting crazy about wich SEO tool to choose, I am thinking between SEMRUSH and AHREFS but both of them have pro and cons, on SEMRUSH you have less options for 120 dollars and in AHREFS wich is more accurate you have a too hight pricing Whats the...
  7. J

    SEO tool creation

    I am a python developer and want to use my skills for tool creation for SEO or digital marketing I am looking for inspiration or a specific problem which I can solve and there is a demand in the market Please write down your problems which you think there is a demand for but currently there is...
  8. megaMind007

    Suggest me best SEO Groupbuy on BHW for Ahrefs

    Last few days I have faced lots of difficulties with ahrefs which I'm using on the Groupbuy Tools, they can't fix the issues with using the tools. Is there any reliable SEO GroupBuy Tools seller can support the Ahrefs plz mentioned him or send me a pm. It would be great help for me. Thanks in...
  9. SEO Ghunda

    What are the best black hat SEO tools in 2023?

    In the world of SEO, black hat tactics are often times frowned upon. However, that doesn’t mean they’re ineffective. In fact, in some cases, black hat SEO can be more effective than traditional SEO methods. What are the best black hat SEO tools in 2023? Read on to find out. Hacking Google...
  10. DKolen

    Grab SEO PowerSuite tools at 82% lifetime discount!

    !!!BIG SEO NEWS!!! December 13, 2022 SEO PowerSuite Xmas Sale Is ON Check this SEO deal and get a frenzy 82% discount! Hurry up! The discount drops each day. Everything you need for effective SEO in ONE PACK Rank Tracker — Unlimited rank monitoring & keyword research The fast and accurate...
  11. megaMind007

    need SurferSEO Group buy

    Is anyone here to sell the SurferSEO group by or trial ... i need them plz pm me Thanks!
  12. Goku San

    [Get 20% Discounts Now] ✅ Top SEO Tools Bundle ✅ Top Content Writing Tools Bundle ✅ SEMrush, Moz Pro, Jasper Ai, Grammarly, Envato Eleme...

    Reply "I want 20% Discount from Goku San" and Get 20% Discount on Every Bundle Payment Methods ✅ Crypto Currencies ✅ Payoneer Refund Policy Accounts will be replaced within 24 hours after the delivery, There will be no refund after 24 hours. Contact Goku San ▶ Skype ▶ Email
  13. Bedazzle

    ClosersCopy SEO Audit vs Surfer SEO

    I am trying to figure out which one is the best for on-page SEO optimization. I haven't come across any comparisons yet, so for anyone with both of these tools, I'd like to hear what you think.
  14. hoami

    Need the name of a visit booster tool in hours.

    Do friends on this web know the tools that can attract thousands of visitors from various directions, such as: social media, porn sites, and so on. I've seen people do this and it amazes me the increase in visits from hundreds of thousands of local people. It's great to have such a tool, even if...
  15. adityaradea

    5 Powerfull SEO Tools from AHREFS you might not know about and its totally Free

    Ahrefs is the most powerful and also most expensive SEO tools especially since they remove 7 days trial subscription. Here is 5 Ahrefs free SEO tools you might not know that will help you with various SEO tasks, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and more. Here is the...
  16. lewwy789

    Is there any bulk traffic analytics tool that shows geo of traffic?

    I've looked all over but can't find anything that you can check a lists of sites traffic and it also shows which Country is the main traffic source. Ahrefs or SEMrush don't show you the main traffic source by Country in bulk and the bulk analysis tool is whey off on traffic numbers. Can anyone...
  17. E

    My favorite SEO Chrome Extensions

    Those are my favorite SEO extensions: SEO Meta in 1 Click Ahrefs SEO toolbar (only with ahrefs sub) GMB Everywhere Seo pro extension (good for schema checking and redirects) View Rendered Source Web Developer Clear cache Keyword Surfer Grammarly Heading Tag Markup Lighthouse Location Guard
  18. L

    I have a group buy seo tools and i need someone to create a one click system to have access to semrush and other seo tools.

    The system needs to have "user agent and "vpn or proxy so that semrush is not blocked because it is being shared
  19. Chielou June

    100+ Free SEO Tools Saw this on a parallel world.

    Ahrefs New Pricing Disclosed - What is your opinion?

    Ahrefs just now updated their pricing and to be honest I don't get what they are trying to do. So as far as I understand you can only have now 500 Reports ( Searches ) for all the tools. So that means even if you do 1 search in keyword it would count as 1 report. For additional report you would...
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