[TIP] Diversifying Your Anchor Text In Scrapebox (or other programs)

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    This tip is fairly simple, but it can save you a lot of time diversifying your anchor text. Recently, it has become more then apparent that Google is looking for anchor text diversity.

    I apply this technique to Scrapebox, however, you can apply it to almost any program that you use anchor texts for.

    1. Take your main keyword and enter it into the Google Keyword Tool and search for exact searches.(You can use Broad or Phrase, I just prefer exact)
    2. Download the CSV File for all of the Keyword Ideas
    3. Copy only the keywords and save them in a .txt file
    4. Use these for the Names field (anchor text) in Scrapebox
    5. Blast away at any backlink tier you choose

    The reason I believe this is effective is because these are keywords that Google associates with your main keyword. The new Panda update looks not only for your keyword, but synonymous versions of it as well.

    These are Google suggested "synonyms" plus it saves you a ton of time.

    (Optional: You can add stuff like "Read More" and "Click Here" to the .txt file to really diversify your anchor texts)
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    The official name for these keywords is LSI, which is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. By using LSI keywords you will attract more visitors while pleasing Google. Good post.
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    Isn't google smart enough now that it sees the diversified keywords still as TARGET links and not GENERIC links?