Thoughts On Expired Domain Traffic?

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Thoughts On Expired Domain Traffic?

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  1. UrbanMedusa

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    Thoughts On Expired Domain Traffic?
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    Unless you have the exact same page structure then the previous site. Its useless, google will find a ton of 404's and after a couple days will remove all index's of the previous site and start to rebuild a new one.
    As well as the click traffic you would receive would also land on 404's unless you setup in apche or nginx config to redirect people to homepage if they hit a 404, but again. no not good for traffic unless you match the old site 101 and adapt it for what you want.

    some people would say it is good to 301 the traffic to your money site. but I personaly think thats a temporary traffic gain, google will still remove all index's if they are no longer valid.
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